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The magnificent Iguazu Falls - a new wonder of the world

Excursion tours in Brazil

Excursion tour "5 countries of Latin America and the Parade of Carnival Champions in Brazil"

We invite you to visit the famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, one of the largest and most vibrant cultural events on the planet! See the world's widest Iguazu Falls, the exquisite architecture of Buenos Aires, natural wonders - the Uyuni salt marsh and the floating Uros islands on Lake Titicaca. And finally, visit the famous mysterious Machu Picchu. The best of Latin America - in one tour!


Route description

We have developed a tour program that is great for small groups as well as individuals

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro

Arrival in Rio de Janeiro. Transfer to the hotel. If you arrive before dark, then on the road from the airport you will see green hills, rocky mountains, palm trees on both sides of the road and beautiful bays. When darkness falls, the city is surrounded by a shimmering necklace - these are the lights of the favelas! And between palm trees, sand and ocean waves - a serene holiday! The famous Copacabana and Ipanema, lined with black and white tiles and with cozy cafes open until late at night, where you can quench your thirst with cold coconut water! All this is in front of you, because you are in Rio de Janeiro - one of the most beautiful and exotic cities in the world!

Day 2: Rio de Janeiro
Day 3: Rio de Janeiro
Day 4: Rio de Janeiro - Foz de Iguazu
Day 5: Foz de Iguazu
Day 6: Foz de Iguazu – Buenos Aires
Day 7: Buenos Aires
Day 8: Buenos Aires – Santiago de Chile
Day 9: Santiago de Chile
Day 10: Santiago de Chile – San Pedro de Atacama – Uyuni (Bolivia, jeep tour)
Day 10: Santiago de Chile – San Pedro de Atacama – Uyuni (Bolivia, jeep tour)
Day 11: Uyuni (Bolivia Salt Flat Jeep Tour)
Day 12: Uyuni – La Paz
Day 13: La Paz - Tiwanaku - Puno - Uros Island
Day 14: Puno - Cusco
Day 16: Cusco
Day 17: Lima
Tour cost:
from 7611$
17 days / 16 nights
Main cities:
Rio de Janeiro - Foz de Iguacu - Buenos Aires - Santiago de Chile - Uyuni - La Paz - Puno - Cusco - Lima
Type of accommodation: Windsor Plaza (3n, standard) + Viale Cataratas (2n, luxe) + Icaro Suites (2n, standard) + Torremayor Lyon (2n, standard) + Hotel Kimal (1n, standard) + Hotel Mallku Cueva (2n, standard) + Hotel La Casona Boutique (1n, standard) + Sonesta Posadas del Inca Puno (1n, standard) + Casa Andina Standard (2n, standard) + Casa Andina Select Miraflores (1n, superior) + BB + Services Hotel Miramar by Windsor (3n, standard) + MABU Thermas Grand Resort (2n, luxe) + Intercontinental (2n, standard) + Luciano K Hotel (2n, superior) + Hotel Kimal (1n, standard) + Hotel Mallku Cueva (2n, standard) + Suites Camino Real (1n, standard) + Sonesta Posadas del Inca Puno (1n, standard) + Aranwa Cusco Boutique (2n, standard) + Sheraton Lima (1n, standard) + BB + Services
double room for 1 person $ 7,611 $ 8,521
individual number $ 9,523 $ 11,304
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