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Tours to France

France is a vacation with charm: a rich excursion, relaxation on the sophisticated Cote d'Azur, famous museums, gastronomic provinces and castles of the Loire. Cuisine, wine and ski resorts

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A bit about the country


France is a sophisticated and piquant country that never ceases to surprise and delight. Anyone who has visited France at least once, felt its unique spirit and aroma, got acquainted with its culture and history, plunged into the carefree French way of life, tried the delights of local cuisine that melt on the tongue, will come here again and again, each time discovering what something new. People come here to experience excellence, because the French have been able to raise the reputation of everything French to unattainable heights - fashion, cooking, lifestyle, culture and exquisite entertainment.

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How to get there

Just as the theater begins with a hanger, so Paris begins with the airport. When planning a trip, the question invariably arises: how to get to Paris? It all depends on whether you want to get to the European capital faster and more comfortably, or cheaper and with a lot of impressions.


The weather in France is determined by several climate zones. In the west of the country, due to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean, summers are rainy and cool, and winters are mild and wet. In the central part of the country, summers are hotter, winters are colder, in Lorraine and Alsace the temperature often drops below zero, and in Strasbourg and Nancy there are severe frosts. The Mediterranean climate of the south provides warm winters with above-zero temperatures and sultry summers, when the air warms up to +30 degrees and above. The velvet season on the Cote d'Azur is August and September; the sweltering heat of July has already receded, and the water in the sea is the warmest. Excursions will be more comfortable in April and May, or September-October. The country's topography is predominantly flat; the Pyrenees mountains in the south of the country and the Alps in the southeast serve as the natural borders of France. Large navigable rivers flow through the country: Garonne, Loire, Seine. About a third of the country's territory is occupied by forests; oak, hazel, cork, and spruce grow in the north.

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