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Working conditions

Important conditions for working with us for all agents

Wire payment by invoice

An invoice for Wire payment for the tour is automatically downloaded from the agency’s Personal Account, provided that:

  • Your company has registered a Personal Account in the system;
  • The order has been confirmed and has the status "OK".

The invoice is issued in Belarusian rubles at the company’s internal exchange rate applicable on the day of payment.

! Please note that the discount provided to the tourist must be indicated before payment !

If payment is not made in full, the additional payment will be invoiced in the same manner. Payment must come from the agency (legal entity) specified in the registration form “Application for Cooperation”, through whose Personal Account the tour was booked. Payment by third parties is not allowed.

In the payment order, it is necessary to indicate the order number, as well as the invoice number and date in the purpose of payment.
In order to avoid technical errors that may occur during automated uploading of payments, and when electronically issuing documents intended for travel, it is necessary to pay for each order with a separate payment order.

Terms of payment for tours on regular flights

Due to the high volatility of the exchange rate at present, funds are credited at the rate applicable at the time of receipt of payment.

*Payment for tickets on regular flights is made in full after order confirmation in accordance with the time limit set by the airline.

Booking period: less than 90 days before departure

  • Prepayment of 30%, but not less than the cost of tickets, within 3 banking days from the date of order confirmation
  • Full payment 15 days before departure.
  • Full payment within 21 days (Seychelles)

Booking period: more than 90 days before departure

  • Prepayment of 20%, but not less than the cost of tickets, within 3 banking days from the date of order confirmation.
  • Full payment 15 days before departure.
  • Full payment within 21 days (Seychelles)

Booking period: less than 15 days before departure

Full payment from the moment of the order confirmation.

Ground service payment terms

Due to the high volatility of the exchange rate at present, funds are credited at the rate applicable at the time of receipt of payment.

Booking period: less than 90 days before departure

  • Prepayment of 30% within 3 banking days from the order confirmation
  • Full payment 15 days before departure.
  • Full payment within 21 days (Seychelles)

Booking period: more than 90 days before departure

  • Prepayment of 20% within 3 banking days from the order confirmation
  • Full payment 15 days before departure.
  • Full payment within 21 days (Seychelles)

Booking period: less than 15 days before departure

  • Full payment from the moment of the order confirmation.

Payment terms for the early booking promotion

Please check before booking.

Making changes to confirmed tours

All changes to booked tours are made via chat in your Personal Account.

Instructions for trip cancellation

Step 1

  • As soon as a tourist has announced his refusal to travel, the travel agent (customer) must send a request to cancel the order in PA.
  • If a request for cancellation in the PA is not possible due to technical issues, then you must send a written request for cancellation by email

Step 2

  • When sending a cancellation request in the Personal Account, the order is automatically canceled with 100% of actual expenses incurred.

Step 3

  • To review the actual expenses, you must send a request to minimize the actual expenses by email: with the following documents attached:
  • request for minimization on the organization's letterhead
  • scan of a written request for tour cancellation from the tourist indicating the reason for the cancellation
  • in case of cancellation due to illness of one of the tourists - official certificates in Russian and English to request cost minimization for the partner.

Step 4

  • The processing time for a request to minimize the actual expenses incurred is up to 10 working days.

Step 5

  • After receiving an official response from the Payment Department, if there is an amount to be refunded, the travel agent (customer) sends a refund application by email:
  • Refund application form.

Step 6
  • An official certificate of the tour operator’s actual expenses is provided only upon request of the travel agent (customer) sent by email:


One of the most important blocks when working with us

Our details

LLC "Tour Operator Travel Hub"
Payer's ID 193636904
Legal address: 220113 Minsk, st. Y. Kolasa, 73-3, office 8

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BY20PJCB30120752561000000840 в USD
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We have tried to collect all the answers here

❤️ How to work with us in 2024 and the new agency agreement

Operating procedure

  • If you are on the simplified tax system, then you are obliged to conclude our tourist agreement and send our details for payment to the tourist
  • If you are on general tax system, you can use our template to conclude a contract with a tourist
  • It will be possible to sign from our system (personal account) or using the service eSign TravelHub
  • Upon request, we will provide a template that can be immediately added to CRM - UON
  • Submit an application in your personal account 2024 (everyone needs to register again)
  • We will notify you when money is credited to our account.
  • It is not mandatory to upload signed agreements in the order, but in case they are needed you will be required to provide them
How the eSign TravelHub service works

Go to the site

  1. Upload the document and mark where you want to insert the signature
  2. Insert your email and the client’s email or phone number for signature
  3. The client receives an email or SMS with a link and reads the document, clicks sign, draws his signature and clicks “sign”, then confirms his signature with an SMS sent to his phone.
  4. You immediately receive a document by email with a ready-made live signature and its confirmation

This is how we develop our tour operator TravelHub with IT services for everyone

For any questions you can contact us here telegram

Video instruction Here

How to write an application for a refund, change of dates, clarifications, etc.

Applications for refund, transfer of funds, payment clarification and letters of guarantee must be sent to with the obligatory indication of the order number / departure date / type of document in the subject line of the letter.


You can send us an official complaint regarding the quality of the sold travel product in 3 ways:

  1. By mail or courier to the address: Minsk, Y. Kolasa 73/3
  2. By email email

When sending, you must attach the following documents:

  • an official complaint from the tourist, written and signed in person, indicating the full name, order number and date of preparation;
  • a covering letter from the travel agent outlining the essence of the claim, containing the date of preparation, full names of tourists, order number. This letter must be certified by an authorized person of the travel agent and stamped;
  • documents confirming the facts stated in the claim (photos, videos, receipts for additional expenses, etc.);
  • confirmation sheet;
  • payment documents;
  • manager's contact details (full name, phone number, email address) for feedback.

In the absence of a complete package of documents and a signed claim by the tourist, applications will not be accepted!

Claims are sent to the Tour Operator immediately on the day after receiving the relevant application from the tourist.

Claims must be reviewed within 14 days from the date of receipt.
If a decision is made to provide any compensation for the claim and the tourist is satisfied with the decision, the agent must send a written agreement on the pre-trial settlement of the dispute, written and signed by the tourist himself.

Issuance of documents

The documents required for the trip are posted in your Personal Account (in a corresponding order) after full payment.
Please check all documents before issuing them to tourists!
If erroneous (incorrect) data is found in the documents, a request for correction must be sent through the message form in the booked order.

Booking rules

Check the relevance of the contact information entered into the “Personal Account” (hereinafter referred to as “PA”) in the TravelHub booking system.

Whyt? This is necessary for timely receipt of notifications about actions taken in the order and fast communication. If necessary, you can always change the data yourself.

A tip to make our communication go faster:

When booking, please indicate in the note the manager's details, additional information and any means of communication, so that in case of any urgent questions we can immediately contact the agency employee handling the request.

Check the correctness of passport data and parameters when booking.

Why? In order to avoid possible financial losses due to changes in hotel data, departure date or client names upon order confirmation.

Indicate the client's wishes in the notes to the application.

Why? This way we can assist as much as possible in fulfilling the wishes of our clients. Please note that indicating your wishes when booking does not guarantee their fulfillment; all wishes are fulfilled only at the discretion of the hotel.

Check the order price and the terms of the agent discount.

Why? By booking an order, you agree to the published prices and the terms of the agent discount. It is not possible to change the final cost of the application unless agreed in advance with TravelHub.

When booking only a hotel and transfers, indicate the flight details of the clients in the notes to the order.

Why? This data is necessary for clear transfer arrangement. The transfer cannot be provided without flight data.

Track Order Status and comments in your personal account.

Why? Emails sometimes end up in SPAM, so in order to immediately see and inform the tourist about the confirmation or current status of the order, we recommend checking your personal account. It takes up to 48 hours for us to process your order, but usually faster.

*during holidays or high season, when there are very few rooms available, the response time for your order may be extended

If the order is not confirmed, provide a timely response on the proposed alternatives.

Why? The proposed alternative is displayed in the personal account. You must respond within 48 hours (unless otherwise stated in the order comments), or the order will be automatically canceled. Please note that we do not hold options for rooms or flights offered as alternatives unless this has been agreed upon in advance.

Check the time limit and payment terms for air tickets on regular flights.

Why? To have the booked air tickets issued, you must pay their full cost. In case of non-payment, after the expiration of the time limit, the air ticket reservation is canceled automatically and their restoration at the previous price, as well as the availability of seats on the flights, is not guaranteed.

Time limit tip:

You can find out the time limit at the stage of searching for air tickets or after booking in the personal account in the order. Airlines have the right to change the time limit, especially if the departure is within the next 3-5 days, or when booking high holiday dates.

Check and comply with established payment deadlines.

Why? If payment deadlines are not met, the order may be automatically canceled in accordance with the terms of the actual expenses incurred. If it is impossible to make payment within the time specified in the Personal Account, please contact TravelHub employees in advance to resolve the situation, if possible.

Familiarize yourself with possible actual expenses in advance, warn clients about this and take an advance payment.

Why? If the order is canceled within the period stipulating the actual expenses, they can be applied regardless of whether the order has been paid. We kindly ask you to inform your clients about this and make a reservation only after receiving the advance payment. You can find out the actual expenses before cancellation by sending a request through feedback form to our managers or in the corresponding section on the website.

Issue travel documents in a timely manner and check their correctness.

Why? Tour documents are available after full payment and can be downloaded directly from the agent’s account. We recommend checking the accuracy of the documents issued to clients so that, if necessary, we can correct them.

I can’t log into my personal account or make a reservation.

If you encounter any technical issues when booking an order or authorizing in personal account, report the problem and the order parameters via feedback from. While our technical specialists are working on resolving this issue, our managers will enter the order into the system themselves.

What is advance booking

This function makes it possible to fix the cost of the tour according to the tariff in effect at the time of booking.
Advance booking is available at least 7 nights before the start of the tour.
Activation period for advance booking:

  • Ground service - 48 hours.
  • Tours with regular flights - 24 hours.

After the deadline, the order is canceled automatically, and no financial claims are issued.
*For tours on regular flights, if the airline changes the time limit, the order activation period may be reduced.

How to make changes to your trip

Hotel / room type / meal type / transfer / dates of stay at the hotel: in order to change the hotel / room type / meal type / transfer / dates of stay, you need to send a request for changes with the new tour parameters. If actual expenses form is issued, we will inform you about it in advance. In case of consent to the AE and the new cost of the order, we will rebook.

Changing flight dates on regular flights: changing dates is considered a voluntary exchange of the ticket and requires approval by the airline. If the exchange is confirmed, then an additional payment will be charged at the current cost of the ticket. If the exchange is not approved, you must cancel the current ticket and purchase a new one.

What to do if you made a mistake when entering data in your booking

If after booking and confirming the order, you discover a spelling mistake in the tourist's the last name/first name or passport information, our employees will make changes without penalties*. Create an order request from your personal account indicating the correct tourist data in text format. In some cases, a copy of the document may be required. *Does not apply to GDS tours and ticket bookings. In this case we are forced to act in accordance with the airline's rules.

  • an error in the MR / MRS customer field - according to airline standards, is not considered a critical error and does not require correction.
  • Spelling mistakes made in the last name/first name, passport number, date of birth are significant and require re-issuance of the ticket for an additional payment according to airline standards.
  • in case of a complete change in the client's surname/name, a rebooking of the air ticket is required at the current airline fare with possible actual expenses incurred for the previous ticket according to the airline's rules.
What to do if your ticket has not been issued within the time limit

If the time limit has expired and the ticket has not been issued, there is no guarantee that the reservation will be restored at the original cost; the cost of air tickets can be recalculated at the current airline fare.

What to do if the hotel has not yet been confirmed and the time limit is running out

In this situation, we have several options:

  • Upon your consent, we will separate requests for hotel services, air tickets and ground handling. We open for you the opportunity to pay for your air ticket order. Upon payment, we issue an air ticket and at the same time wait for the hotel confirmation. In case of refusal, we select a similar product at the current price. If the client does not agree to alternative hotel options, the tickets remain yours. In case of cancellation of an order with an air ticket, the actual expenses will apply in accordance with the airline’s terms and conditions.
  • after the time limit has expired, we will rebook the tickets at a new price (it may remain the same or may change) and wait for a response from the hotel.
How to book a ticket for an infant if the child turns 2 years old while traveling

Please check before booking as Infant booking rules vary from airline to airline.

How to issue an air ticket for a baby (infant) with a seat

To book an infant with a seat, book the infant as a child using a date of birth corresponding to age of 2 years. Without ordering a ticket, create a comment on the order in your personal account, indicating the correct date of birth. The ticket will be booked with a seat, and the correct date of birth will be manually entered by our managers.

How to add luggage to a checkout order

Send a comment to the order in Personal Account indicating the weight, number and surname of the passenger for whom you want to add baggage, as well as your consent to the established surcharge.

The tourist does not yet have a passport/passport to be replaced, but we want to purchase a tour now on a regular flight

Before booking, you must send a request via feedback indicating the airline and the exact dates of the flight. Upon approval by the airline and the clients’ consent to the specified conditions, it will be possible to book a ticket using the data in your old passport. After receiving a new passport, send a scan of the document as an attached file to your order to arrange re-issuance of the ticket.

Attention! You cannot book using fictitious passport details, such as 1111, 2222, etc.

How to send a request to minimize the actual expenses

In order to minimize the actual expenses, in particular, if the ticket includes an air ticket on regular flights, in case of forced cancellation, medical documents must be provided within 7 calendar days from the date of cancellation, but not later than the date of departure. In case of failure to submit documents within the specified period, the tickets will be canceled in accordance with the rules of the applied fare.

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