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The magnificent Iguazu Falls - a new wonder of the world

North America

Tours to the USA

A leader in diversified recreation. From the snowy slopes of the Rocky Mountains to the serene beaches of Hawaii, from the debauchery and vice of Las Vegas to the silence of the Grand Canyon

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A bit about the country


You can travel around the USA all year round. In this country, everything is created and works for the people. This tourist destination is chosen by tourists of all age categories and different income levels. On average, the tourist flow to the States is growing annually by 20-30% If you prefer civilization to nature, most likely, you strive to see the large and famous cities of America - New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas... In New York In York, you will take a photo in front of perhaps the most famous of all monumental sculptures - the Statue of Liberty. You will visit the center of Manhattan in Times Square - one of the most famous streets of the Big Apple. This city will surprise you with its museums, galleries, theaters and concert halls... In Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the entertainment industry also works smoothly, so stock up on strength and resources (especially material ones), there is where to relax and spend money!

A US visa is required. It is impossible to get it in Belarus. From the nearest Warsaw.
The country's currency is the US dollar (USD)
English language.
There are 6 time zones in the USA, so time varies from city to city.

How to get there

Most often people fly to the United States of America from Riga; this is the closest city from USA with the cheapest ticket. There are also Belavia flights or via Moscow.


It is impossible to create a general portrait of the US climate: each region has its own characteristics. In the northeast - New York, Chicago, Washington - hot summers and snowy winters, precipitation falls at any time of the year. The southeast (Orlando, San Antonio) is characterized by higher temperatures. The northwest and west with Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles are dominated by semi-arid and high-altitude climates. On the coast, winters are milder, summers are warmer, and rains are more frequent. Florida and Hawaii are true tropics with year-round heat. Alaska goes to the other extreme: temperatures here can reach -30 °C. In order not to make a mistake when choosing the season (and the right wardrobe) for travel, it is better to check the weather forecast in a particular region.

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Tours to the US Center. Chicago and the Great Lakes

The USA is a country where ideas are created and dreams come true. Here you can find everything you need to realize your ambitions and ideas, be it a business project, a cultural project or a personal...

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