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Excursion tour "Express Brazil (Rio de Janeiro - Foz de Iguazu)"

Rio de Janeiro has green hills, blue skies, rocky mountains, beautiful bays, islands, beautiful beaches. The second largest city (after Sao Paulo) in Brazil and certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Blue ocean water beckons to the beaches. Numerous open-air cafes on the beaches will quench your thirst with cold coconut water, freshly squeezed juices and other drinks. The Foz de Iguazu waterfalls are 275 huge waterfalls falling from a terrible height. Niagara seems like a trickle compared to the Brazilian miracle. This is a magnificent, unique spectacle created by nature. Before you open the most beautiful landscapes and waterfalls, falling from a height of 72 m into the gorge called the “Devil's Throat”.


Route description

We have developed a tour program that is great for small groups as well as individuals

Day 1: Rio de Janeiro

Arrival at Rio de Janeiro airport. The driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your names. Transfer to the hotel. If you arrive before dark, then on the road from the airport you will see green hills, rocky mountains, palm trees on both sides of the road and beautiful bays. When darkness falls, the city is surrounded by a shimmering necklace - these are the lights of the favelas! We spend the rest of the day at our discretion. Maybe someone will want to quickly see and feel the vibrant life of the city. And someone wants to be alone with themselves, then there is always a corner somewhere between palm trees, sand and ocean waves.

Day 2: Rio de Janeiro
Day 3: Rio de Janeiro
Day 4: Rio de Janeiro - Foz de Iguazu
Day 5: Foz de Iguazu
Day 6: Foz de Iguazu - Rio de Janeiro
Tour cost:
from 1206$
6 days / 5 nights
Main cities:
Rio de Janeiro - Foz de Iguazu
Type of accommodation: Arena Leme (3n) + Viale Cataratas (2n) + BB + Services Miramar Copacabana (3n) + Mabu Thermas (2n) + BB + Services
double room for 1 person $ 1,206 $ 1,581
individual number $ 2,080 $ 2,642
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