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An island in the Malay Archipelago, in the Lesser Sunda Islands group. The island of Bali is part of the Indonesian archipelago located in Southeast Asia

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A bit about the country


O. Bali is washed by the Indian Ocean from the south and the Bali Sea of the Pacific Ocean from the north. In the west, the Bali Strait separates the island. Bali from o. Java, and in the east the Lombok Strait separates the island. Bali from o. Lombok. The Bali Sea (or Bali Sea) is an interisland continental sea of the Pacific Ocean, which is located between the eastern tip of the island. Java and the islands of Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sulawesi and Madura. Area about. Bali: 5416.4 km² Main city and capital of Bali: Denpasar (located in the southern part of the island) Language: official - Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia), local dialects are widespread, English is common in all tourist areas.

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How to get there

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Type of climate Bali is classified as an equatorial monsoon region. The air and water temperatures are the same all year round, the sun rises and falls below the horizon at almost the same time, and only two seasons can be distinguished: dry and wet. Dry season: April - October. During this period, the relative air humidity is approximately 75%, and its average monthly temperature is +27 °C, the water is heated to +26...+27 °C. There is usually very little rainfall, especially in the south, breathing is comfortable and the wind is moderate. It may be a little cooler in mountainous areas. Wet season: November - March. During this period, the air temperature increases from month to month, its average value is +29 ° C, the water temperature is approximately equal to the air temperature. Air humidity rises to 90-95%, heavy precipitation often falls, and rain can be prolonged.

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