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Tours to Vietnam

Vietnam is notable for its beautiful nature, ancient temple complexes and quality hotels with good service and low prices. The capital Hanoi and the bustling Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long Bay and the resort of Phan Thiet

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A bit about the country


Vacationers choose Vietnam primarily for the sea and clean beaches. Culture and ancient history are also of great interest. For convenience, Vietnam can be divided into three large regions: North, South and Center. Northern Vietnam is the oldest part of the country with many attractions, tea and coffee plantations, nature reserves and Hanoi, the capital where West and East surprisingly mix. The best time to relax is spring. Central Vietnam is famous for its long beaches, pleasant climate almost all year round, beautiful views, the party scene of Da Nang and the ancient temples of Hue. The South is the heart of the economy. The largest city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, is located here, and it contains expensive hotels, the best restaurants, numerous shops and other amenities of civilization. The main resorts in the south are luxurious Phu Quoc, youthful Nha Trang and calmer Phan Thiet. More information about the tourist geography of the country is described on the page “Cities and Resorts of Vietnam”.

Citizens of Belarus can stay in Vietnam for 45 days without a visa
The country's currency is the Vietnamese dong (VND), 1 dong is divided into 10 hao or 100 sou.
Vietnamese language

How to get there

There are no direct flights from Minsk. The best option is to book tickets for a flight with a transfer in Moscow for a direct Moscow-Hanoi flight operated by Aeroflot and Vietnam Airlines. The flight time from Moscow to Hanoi will take about 9 hours. Flights are daily.


In the south of Vietnam (from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet) two seasons can be distinguished - wet and dry. The first traditionally lasts from May to November, the rainiest months are June-August. The second usually starts in December and ends in April. This is the most favorable time for European tourists. “Velvet” months are January and February: soft sun, refreshing sea water. From the end of February to May there are hot days without rain.

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