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Tours to the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has coconut palms hanging over secluded beaches, the clearest Caribbean Sea and excellent diving. Colonial capital Santo Domingo, luxurious Punta Cana and Puerto Plata

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A bit about the country


The Dominican Republic is a fertile land located in the east of the island of Haiti, surrounded by the waves of the Caribbean Sea. The capital is sultry Santo Domingo, the birthplace of standard cigars, the cradle of incendiary merengue. The first association with the Dominican Republic is endless beaches of amazing beauty: with snow-white sand, spreading palm trees, and gentle sea - indispensable attributes of a tropical paradise. But this is by no means the only thing that the country delights travelers with. There are many noteworthy attractions here: architecture that incorporates island traditions and features of European styles, national parks with breathtaking nature. And also a whole palette of entertainment for active recreation enthusiasts. The Dominican Republic lives in the rhythms of bachata and salsa, inviting everyone to plunge into the cheerful atmosphere of a world where every day is like a small holiday.

A visa is required. However, if you have a valid multiple Schengen visa (used at least once), you can enter freely for up to 30 days. The visa is issued at the Dominican Republic Embassy in Moscow within two weeks.
The country's currency is the Dominican Peso (DOP)

How to get there

Connecting flights from Moscow, Warsaw (and other EU cities)


The climate in the country is humid subtropical. Sea breezes and trade winds blowing from the northeast soften the heat. The rainy season lasts from May to September and is characterized by frequent but short showers. Brief showers are also possible in November and December. The rest of the time the weather remains dry and warm. The hottest month is August. The average daily temperature ranges from +25 °C in winter to +33 °C in summer. The ebbs and flows are insignificant.

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