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Tours to Portugal

Excellent beach holiday and delicious cuisine with aromatic wines. Sights of Lisbon and ancient castles, diving and resorts of the Lisbon Riviera, Algarve and Madeira.

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A bit about the country


Portugal is easy to get to and traveling around the country is easy. Even with limited time, you will be able to see a variety of regions and attractions - famous beaches, rugged mountains, magnificent castles, traditional villages and magnificent medieval cities. In the vicinity of the capital there are beaches - a series of fashionable resorts called the Lisbon Riviera.

Portugal is one of the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement; Belarusians need a visa and insurance to visit the country.
The country's currency is Euro (EUR)
Portuguese. In regions that are close to the state border with Spain, many people communicate in Spanish. But in the Azores, Portuguese people of all ages speak excellent English.

How to get there

USA-Lisbon on the wings of Belavia. There are also many flights from Russia.


Summer here is dry and sunny, but not hot (average temperature is about +20 °C, in the mountains - about +18 °C), winter is cool (from +4 °C to +10 °C) and rainy. The south of the country is warm and dry. Average temperatures in January are +5...+10 °C, in July +20...+27 °C. In summer the water warms up to +20...+23 °C. The best time to get to know Portugal is from May to October: the weather at this time is almost always warm and sunny, rain is very rare, which means it will be comfortable both on a walking tour and on the beach.

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