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Tours to Barbados

A fairytale island, Barbados is washed by the warm, clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic. Excellent beaches with golden and white sand will provide a wonderful holiday at the water's edge, and clubs, bars and great rum will not let you get bored

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A bit about the country


Barbados is a fabulous island surrounded by coral reefs with wonderful beaches, lush tropical nature and an even, mild climate throughout the year. Its landscape is dominated by plains, but closer to the east coast the terrain becomes more mountainous. The island is located at the eastern tip of the Lesser Antilles archipelago. Its eastern coast is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and its western coast by the Caribbean Sea. This is a former colony of Great Britain, where all British traditions are still carefully preserved. Barbados is often called "Little England". The island has protected areas where unique species of tropical plants and animals have been preserved in the wild - so it is not surprising that tours here enjoy deserved interest among tourists.

A visa to Barbados is not required, provided that the purpose of the trip is tourism and the period of stay does not exceed 28 days.
Barbadian dollar (BBD)

How to get there

Air tickets from USA can be purchased on Belavia flights. Flight duration: 25 hours, including two transfers in Europe. Many people prefer a cheaper flight from Vilnius with Estonian Air. Taking into account transfers, the flight takes 25 hours.


Tropical trade wind, close to subequatorial sea. The air temperature ranges from +26 to +30 °C all year round, and trade winds and sea breezes provide relief from the sweltering heat. About 75% of precipitation falls from June to November, with the wettest month being July. Summer also means possible hurricanes - the largest number of them can hit the island from September to the end of October. The driest months are from February to May, for example in April there are only about seven rainy days throughout the entire month!

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