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Tours to Thailand

“The Land of a Thousand Smiles” - located in Southeast Asia on the Indochina Peninsula, in the southwest it is washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea, and in the southeast by the waters of the Gulf of Thailand

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A bit about the country


Thailand, or simply Thai, is a tropical kingdom that has completely turned into one large tourist center. Beaches, whimsical Buddhist architecture, lush gardens, night markets, exotic dances, colorful and rather piquant shows, elephants, coral reefs, picturesque islands, massage parlors, fusion cuisine - it’s hard to even think of what Thailand doesn’t have. 30-40 million tourists come to this south-eastern country every year to immerse themselves in the exotic at a reasonable price, and more than a million of them are Russians.

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How to get there

The best way to get there is by air.


Thailand is a tropical country with a humid climate for most of the year, most often distinguished by 2 seasons in the coastal (southern) regions and 3 seasons inland (inland regions). There are two seasons in the southern regions: rainy and dry. It is worth remembering that these seasons occur at different times and depend on the coast. On the Andaman coast (Phuket, Krabi) the southwest monsoon with precipitation comes from April to October, and the Gulf of Thailand (Samui) receives the greatest amount of precipitation from September to December. The three seasons of Thailand's interior provinces are cool, hot and rainy. The cool season usually lasts from November to May, however, despite the name, temperatures can only really drop in the northern mountainous regions. Since the weather is dry during these months, this is the high season, the most popular for active travel to Thailand. The hot season lasts from March to May and is characterized by intense heat and humidity, as well as occasional rain. The rainy season lasts from May to November, when the southwest monsoon prevails.

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