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Tours to Slovenia

The main resort in Europe, Slovenia offers complete relaxation and an invigorating jolt on mineral waters and a relaxing holiday on the clean beaches of the Adriatic. In addition, there is picturesque nature: mountains, forests and karst caves. Charming Ljubljana and quiet Portorož

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A bit about the country


Slovenia is a wonderful gift not only for the body, but also for the soul of an inquisitive traveler. The historical centers of its cities seem frozen in the Middle Ages: neat houses under tiled roofs, majestic cathedrals, noisy squares - the ideal backdrop for long walks. The capital is Ljubljana, called “little Prague”: above it, like over the Czech capital, a powerful medieval castle rises. There are other attractions: Gothic chapels, Baroque mansions, Art Nouveau bridges and all kinds of museums. It is worth continuing your acquaintance with architecture in Maribor, Celje and Kranj, which strive to outdo each other in the number of castles, cathedrals and churches.

Slovenia is one of the Schengen countries; Belarusians need a visa and insurance to visit the country.
The country's currency is Euro (EUR)
Slovenian language. It is spoken by 91.1% of the population (according to the 2002 census). Also, most of the population speaks English, Hungarian and Italian.

How to get there

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights from USA to Slovenia. By air transport you can get there with transfers in neighboring Italy and Austria. Many people prefer to fly from Moscow, since this way they can easily get directly to a number of Slovenian resorts.


Slovenia is divided into three climatic zones: temperate continental, Mediterranean and alpine. There are no sudden temperature changes, mild winters (not lower than −10 °C) and summers without sweltering heat. In summer, the average air temperature in most of the country is +23...+25 °C, and in winter - from −2 °C in the northwest to +6 °C on the Adriatic coast. In July-August, the high beach season is in full swing on the Adriatic coast, and in May-June and September-October it is better to come here for those who find the temperature +24...26 °C comfortable. Thermal health resorts are open all year round.

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