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Tours to the Maldives

The Maldives is an island state 700 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka. It is an archipelago of 26 atolls consisting of more than a thousand coral islands

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A bit about the country


The Maldives are like advertising pictures come to life. Snow-white sandy beaches, palm trees and the endless turquoise ocean attract tourists from all over the world. Nature is the main attraction of the Maldives.

IMPORTANT! All tourists arriving in the Maldives are required to fill out a Travel Health Declaration.

Tourists fill out the above declaration no earlier than 96 hours before arrival.
Upon completion of filling out the declaration, you must save the QR code that will be provided on the website
after sending the completed form, in case of need on the spot (the QR code can be presented either printed or electronic).
Upon departure, you must fill out an online tourist declaration no earlier than 72 hours before your return flight from the Maldives.


For a tourist trip, you do not need to apply for a visa to the Maldives in advance. Citizens of all countries receive it free of charge upon arrival for a period of 30 days (for citizens of Russia and India 90 days)
Rufiyaa, dollar, euro

How to get there

The only means of transport that can quickly get to the Maldives from another country is by plane. Liners from nearby Sri Lanka and India come here only on an excursion basis; there is no regular transport service by water. The Maldives is a huge archipelago with coral atolls, and it is impossible to get to the islands by large ship - tourists are taken from cruise ships to Male by boat. Currently, the following types of transfers are provided in the Maldives: Speedboat - provided by those resorts located near the international airport of the Maldivian capital, i.e. in the area of the North and South Male atolls. These boats can accommodate up to 15 people, but usually there are fewer guests on the boat. According to safety regulations, each passenger is given life jackets, which must be worn. The duration of the transfer depends on weather conditions and the location of the resort and can range from 10 minutes to 2 hours. People with a weak vestibular system, as well as children, should take into account that during a long boat transfer, rocking is possible. Seaplane - operates only during daylight hours from 6 am to 4 pm. Transfer time by seaplane takes from 25 to 60 minutes. If a guest arrives in Male around 15-15:30 and there is a possibility that due to delays at the airport (at passport control or baggage collection), the tourist may not be in time for the transfer, Resort Holiday recommends pre-booking one night in a nearby hotel. Male airport hotel, and leave the flight to the actual vacation spot for the next morning. The accommodation booking service in Male is available to guests arriving on a late flight upon request and upon request. However, it must be borne in mind that if the night in Male was not reserved in advance and the tourist was late for the transfer, then in addition to the cost of accommodation until the next morning, the guest also loses the paid night at the resort and the cost of the paid transfer. During the flight by seaplane, intermediate landings along the route are possible to disembark guests of other resorts.


The Maldives belongs to the tropical maritime climate zone: simply put, there are only two seasons on the islands - rainy and dry. The best time for relaxation is the dry season, which lasts from November-December to March-April. At this time, the weather is most predictable: there is almost no precipitation, the ocean is moderately calm, the water temperature is about +24...+27 °C, and the air temperature is +28...+32 °C during the day and about 25 °C at night.

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