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Tours to Cambodia

Lost in the jungle, Cambodia is bright and amazing: hundreds of palaces and temples of ancient Angkor, the original capital of the kingdom of Phnom Penh, mountain ranges, national parks and pristine lakes, and also a seaside resort

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A bit about the country


The country captivates tourists with the beauty of its pristine nature, unique palaces and ancient temple complexes. In one of these complexes, Angkor, the action adventure film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie, was filmed. Many of those who buy a tour to Cambodia or travel to the country from neighboring countries visit the filming location of the legendary film. The Cambodian coast stretches for more than 440 km. Washed by the warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, it has been attracting more and more travelers in recent years. People come here to enjoy the beauty of many kilometers of sandy beaches, stroll through resort towns with French architecture, hike in national parks and visit deserted islands with mangroves. © "" copying of materials is prohibited

A visa is required. There are two ways to get a visa to Cambodia: fill out an application on the website or get a visa directly upon arrival at the airport. The cost of a Cambodian visa is $30. A tourist visa is valid for 3 months from the date of application. You can stay in Cambodia with this visa for up to 30 days.
The country's currency is the Riel (KHR)
Khmer language

How to get there

There are no direct flights from USA to Cambodia. The most convenient option would be to fly to Cambodia from Moscow, albeit with transfers. In 2018, flights from Moscow with a connection in Bangkok are operated by, for example, the following airlines: Aeroflot, North Wind, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways and some others. This flight, including transfers, will take about 20 hours. In addition, you can get to Cambodia from neighboring countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos) by land transport. For example, on a tourist bus. But Cambodia does not have railway connections with neighboring countries.


Tropical monsoon, hot and humid. Two seasons are clearly distinguished: hot and humid summer (from May to October-November) and dry winter (from November-December to March-April). The average temperature in summer is +26...+32 °C, in winter +22...+26 °C. In summer, with very high humidity, the air temperature can reach +35...+42 °C. The rainy season begins in May-June and lasts until September. The rainiest months are July, August and September. However, Cambodian rains are not a long drizzle, but always short showers.

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