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Tours to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is notable for its wealth of medieval attractions and magnificent castles, excellent medical opportunities and rich cuisine with hundreds of types of beer. Beautiful Prague, resort Pardubice and high-society Karlovy Vary

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A bit about the country


The Czech Republic is conventionally divided into cities where people go to walk the streets and see the sights, and balneological and ski resorts. There are beautiful landscapes and picturesque places in almost every region of the Czech Republic, but some of them are especially noteworthy. South Moravia is famous for the fact that most of its territory is occupied by vineyards (and wineries), and there are also two national parks protected by UNESCO: Podyja and Moravian Kras. The best place for eco- and agrotourism is Eastern Bohemia, where nature has been preserved almost in its original form and is carefully protected. Here they raise horses, do farming and go hiking.

The Czech Republic is part of the Schengen countries. Belarusians require a visa and travel medical insurance to visit the country.
The country's currency is the Czech crown (CZK), there are 100 hellers in 1 crown.
Czech, most Czechs speak German or English, and the generation “over forty” speaks Russian fluently

How to get there

Direct flight from USA to Prague. There are also buses. The Czech Republic has a very developed railway network; there are stations even in the smallest towns.


The climate in the Czech Republic is calm, changing from maritime to continental, with pronounced seasonality. Summer is moderately hot, the average daily temperature of the hottest month (July) is +19...+21 °C. Winter is mild and humid, the average daily temperature of the coldest month (January) is −2...-4 °C. The ski season lasts from December to April.

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