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The most expensive cities for business travel: what to prepare for

Mar 17, 2024


Short-term business travel is always a big expense for both the employee and the organization. Most of the budget is spent on accommodation, food and transportation, but the expenses are not limited to these items. A business travel budget should be calculated based on local prices. The cost of the same service can vary greatly from region to region. We have prepared a list of the most expensive cities for business travel - they are listed in ascending order of cost.

Paris, France

The city of love and croissants welcomes millions of tourists every year, which is why the prices are so high. Yes, a room in a good 4* hotel will cost from $60 per night, but almost all of them are located in the historical center of the city, from where it is easy to get to the desired place.

And, of course, a significant portion of the budget will go to food. Buffet breakfasts in a hotel cost at least $5. Buying groceries at the store will help you save money, but you need to choose the right places. The logic is simple: the closer to the tourist center, the higher the price tag. The average check for one person in a small cafe will be about $10, but for dinner in a restaurant you will have to pay at least $40.

But there are also pluses - Paris has well-developed public transportation. You can travel by metro, RER (surface railway lines), streetcars, and buses. It is much cheaper than cabs.


Luanda, Angola

Luanda is one of the fastest growing cities in South Africa. The reason is very simple - there is oil there. Thanks to the income from its sale, Luanda has rapidly changed its image in the last 30 years. Now skyscrapers reign in the city center, asphalt and shopping centers are everywhere.

The first expense item that will greatly reduce the budget is transportation. There are regular flights of different airlines to Luanda, but the average cost of a ticket from Moscow is about $700. And in the city itself it is best to travel by cab.

Those who go here on a business trip, will have to spend a lot on accommodation. A night in a hotel will cost from $60. Lunch in a good cafe will cost the same amount, and for dinner in a restaurant you need to pay at least $100. You should refrain from shopping in stores - prices for imported goods are very high. Medicines, hygiene items, cosmetics, clothes - all this is better to bring with you.

A separate item of expenditure is security. With shining skyscrapers are neighboring slums, the inhabitants of which can pose a danger to foreigners. If you are going to go far beyond the hotel and business center, it is better to hire a taxi

London, UK

The cost of staying in London depends on the season. Travel in December is the most expensive - this is due to the Christmas and New Year celebrations. At this time and the price of a hotel room, and the cost of food, and cab fares are several times more expensive. But in the fall and spring in London tourists are the least, so you can find more favorable options for accommodation. On average, the price per night in a 4* hotel starts from $65.

Public transportation is available in all districts of the city, but it is also not cheap if you use only single tickets: $5 for the subway and $3 for buses and streetcars. You can save money by taking a season pass for all modes of transportation. A Day Travelcard costs about $17.

Meals are also expensive. Lunch in a café costs from $15, and dinner in a restaurant from $50.


Los Angeles, United States

Los Angeles attracts not only movie and music stars, but also employees of IT corporations. The accommodation here is expensive - for a night in a 4* hotel you will be asked about $100. In addition, take into account the high check in establishments. Dinner in a restaurant will cost at least $50 - and that's without tips (15% of the order amount). It is much more profitable to buy food in chain supermarkets. There is a large selection of semi-finished products that are easy to prepare even in the most inconvenient kitchen. A minimum set of groceries for a day will cost about $15.

Another item of expense is a cab or rental car. LA is a huge metropolis filled with mostly one-story houses, so the distances between necessary places can be very long. There is public transportation, but you can't get everywhere by it. You simply can't do without a car. On average, renting a car will cost $70 per day.

San Francisco, United States

Another very expensive US city for business travel is San Francisco. Here are located research centers and production facilities related to high technology. In addition, San Francisco is home to the famous Silicon Valley, where the largest IT companies locate their headquarters.

San Francisco has very expensive accommodation, twice as expensive as the average US price. For a day in a room in a 4* hotel you will have to pay about $150. Dinner in a restaurant will cost from $50, and to buy groceries for the day will cost about $20.

You can save money on transportation. There are buses, streetcars, and subway in the city. In addition, a relatively inexpensive cab. The cost of a trip starts from $10.

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland is generally considered one of the most expensive countries in the world. Housing, whether for sale or rent, is on average twice as expensive as in neighboring countries. Thus, a night in a 4* hotel will cost at least $150.

For lunch in a restaurant you will have to pay on average about $100. It is unlikely to save money on buying products in the store - they are also quite expensive. Especially high prices for meat - there is an import duty on this product. Even public transportation is more expensive - $4 for one trip.

Washington, United States

Washington DC and its suburbs (Virginia and Maryland) are considered one of the wealthiest and most expensive regions in the United States. It is the political center of the country, which attracts millions of visitors every year. To stay for a day in a hotel will cost from $150.

Meals are not cheap either. Lunch in a restaurant is at least $100. You can save money by buying food in stores, but in this case the lowest price will be for low-quality options. Relatively inexpensive public transportation, subway and buses. The cost of a ticket is from $2.


Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva attracts millions of tourists every year who want to enjoy the alpine scenery. The rule of all places popular with travelers works here - the further away from the center, the cheaper it is. A night in a hotel will cost at least $150, in season - even more expensive.

You can have lunch in a restaurant for $120. It is better to look for products not in large supermarkets, but at farmers' markets - the price is much cheaper there. Well-developed public transportation allows you to save money on cabs. One of the most popular options in Geneva is the streetcar network covering almost the whole city. A ticket costs about $2.

New York, United States

In the list of the most expensive cities for business travel, New York is unequivocally the leader. Everything is expensive here. A night in a 4* hotel will cost at least $200, the price will increase depending on the chosen district.

Unlike other cities, public transportation in New York is not always cheap. The most convenient means of transportation in Manhattan is the subway ($3 per trip). Choose cabs wisely: Uber is profitable, but drivers of traditional yellow cars will charge at least twice as much.

For lunch in a restaurant you will have to pay at least $120 (don't forget about the tip!). You can save money by choosing buffets where food is sold by weight. There you can have dinner for $20. In stores, pay attention to frozen versions of dinners - they usually cost up to $10. Fresh fruits and vegetables are much more expensive.

When going on a business trip for a few days, it is important to take into account all possible expenses in order not to find yourself in a difficult situation. And when choosing one of the most expensive cities for business trips, prepare to spend a large sum. 

If you need a detailed consultation on the business traveling, ask our experts - we are ready to organize your business trip turnkey and provide all the additional information how to prepare for any challenges during it!


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