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The magnificent Iguazu Falls - a new wonder of the world

June 15, 2024


Do you want to know what unites two incredible countries: Brazil and Argentina? The power of water streams falling into the abyss, dazzling and bewitching beauty, adrenaline and unity with nature. And all this can be enjoyed if you visit a complex of 275 waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Brazil.

Iguazu Falls were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1984. But they continue to amaze tourists with their splendor.

How to get there?

To the question: “Where can you see waterfalls?” There are as many as four answers! The first one: to see the waterfalls from the Argentine side, go to the city of Puerto Iguazu. Here you can take a taxi or order a transfer in advance.

Since the complex itself is located on the territory of a national park, in addition to waterfalls, many more interesting things await you.

The huge waterfall in Brazil is also accessible to travelers who fly into Foz do Iguaçu airport. You can fly here from the most popular Brazilian cities: for example, from Rio or Sao Paulo. Buy air tickets It is best to do it in advance and during the summer months. It's winter here at this time, and although the weather is still comfortable, prices are much lower.

How to get to Iguazu Falls

Where to stay?

Many waterfall tours include transfers and accommodations. You can also book a hotel yourself. There are comfortable resorts not far from the waterfalls, and in the city itself, Foz do Iguaçu, there are many decent options. When choosing hotels, pay attention to the palace, which is located near the waterfalls. It is intended for a real luxury holiday. However, most tourists prefer a one-day trip.

What is the price?

Entrance to the national park from the Brazilian side is about $20 per person. This includes a bus ride through the park and a walk to the falls themselves. Be sure to purchase the optional tour in advance for $77 per person. You can do this right at the entrance to the park.

How to see the waterfalls?

We have already found out in which countries Iguazu National Park is located . But what other two options are there to see the waterfalls? After all, at the beginning of the story four options were mentioned. And the answer is simple - look from the water. Yes, yes, the complex can also be visited thanks to a boat trip. After all, Iguazu Falls are located on river Iguazu. And such excursions are carried out both from Brazil and from the Argentine side. And the most interesting thing is to leave from the Argentine side and sail to the Brazilian side.

And that same additional excursion includes a trip through the Atlantic Forest on an electric car, a walk through the jungle and an incredible boat ride close to the waterfalls. Turns on the river are also included, but depend on the mood of the accompanying person. Be careful, as you can easily get your phone wet.

Iguazu Falls

The very heart of the waterfalls

The main goal of the entire walk is to reach the “devil’s throat,” the very heart of the complex. The “Devil's Throat” of Iguazu Falls is an arc of powerful streams of falling water. Here you can feel all the power of nature, which is still impossible for humans to influence. Close to the “throat” there is an observation deck where you can admire the wonder of the world and take cool photos.

A tour to Iguazu Falls , in addition to beautiful views, also allows you to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna. The Atlantic Forest is a combination of plants unknown to us, for example, you can see wild pineapple, and freshness. And next to the waterfalls live butterflies of different colors, parrots, lizards and kuati - mammals from the raccoon family.

Iguazu Falls

The mainland of Iguazu Falls, South America, was absolutely chosen for a reason. After all, there is a whole treasure trove of incredibly beautiful places buried here that can be explored for many years. Organizing a tour here may seem like a task with an asterisk. Connecting flights, organizing excursions, a population that speaks absolutely no English - all this can complicate travel. But by turning to us for help, you will get that same vacation filled with positive emotions.

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