Sights to see in Singapore

June 28, 2024



A city of the future, built on a tropical island - this is how Singapore can be described. Glass skyscrapers here coexist with lush greenery and temples that house ancient shrines.

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Where to stay?

The best hotels in Singapore are located in the city center. The price per room in modern complexes with fitness rooms, spas and swimming pools starts from $200 and goes up to $1000. In the list of hotels in Singapore with mark 5 stars include such well-known chains as Four Seasons, Hilton and The Ritz-Carlton.

There are cheaper options. For $100 to $200 you can stay in 4-star hotels near the center, and you can spend a night in a local hotel for $50.

Sights of Singapore

We will tell you what to visit in Singapore to see every side of the amazing city-state.


To understand how modern Singaporeans live, just take a walk along the Clar Quay promenade. More than a century ago there was a noisy shopping pier here, but now there are cozy cafes and shops around. And the history of the city will be told by Orchard Road, throughout which there are expensive boutiques and clubs.


All the main symbols of the city are located in the center. The most famous towers in Singapore are the three Marina Bay Sands skyscrapers, connected at the top by a common area with swimming pools. And inside it is a luxury hotel with its own shopping center, theater and casino.

The Raffles Hotel, built in 1899, is also worth a visit. Many famous people vacationed here, including famous writers - Conrad, Kipling and Maugham. The snow-white building with columns is surrounded by a lush garden with fountains.

The Esplanade Theater is also striking in its appearance - it looks like the tropical fruit durian. There is a concert hall and theater under the studded roof. All these buildings can be seen in 1 day in Singapore.


If you don't know what to do in Singapore, head to Gardens by the Bay. This amazing natural park is located in the very center of the city. Plant species from different parts of the Earth are collected here, but the grove of supertrees makes the most impression. The vertical gardens reach a height of 25 meters, and some have viewing platforms and a restaurant at the top.

And to get acquainted with the animal world, take a look at the zoo. Natural landscapes were recreated for more than 300 species, and visitors were kept as hidden as possible. To learn everything about Singapore in 2 days, be sure to visit here.


You can see the city from a height of 165 meters on the Ferris Wheel. During a full rotation - 28 minutes, it is easy to see not only the city, but also the nearest islands and the bay. And you can immerse yourself in a wonderful world at the Museum of Art and Science. The exhibits in the 21 galleries will definitely surprise you, as will the appearance of the building.

Places of power

If you want to visit all the unusual corners of Singapore in 3 days, then set aside at least a day to explore spiritual places. The most famous is the Temple and Museum of the Shrine of the Tooth Relic of Buddha. The colorful building will take you back to the atmosphere of imperial China, and within its walls are kept objects important to Buddhists.

But the main mystical symbol of the country is the Merlion. A statue of a creature with the body of a fish and the head of a lion is installed on the site in front of the Fullerton Hotel.

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