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In which countries are drone flights allowed and prohibited?

July 09, 2024


The use of drones in tourism is an increasingly popular and in-demand way of exploration and travel. Drones allow tourists to see the sights and beauty of the world from a bird's eye view, as well as get unique views and perspectives of places that were previously inaccessible. But how to use drones correctly so as not to violate the law? Now we'll tell you.

Where are drones banned?

Some countries and territories have banned the use of drones due to possible security and privacy impacts. For example, some areas near airports, military installations, large events or security sites may prohibit drones. Some of the countries are: Cuba, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Antarctica, Tunisia, Syria, Uzbekistan and Bahrain.

Is it possible to transport a drone across the border?

Transporting drones across borders may be restricted by the laws of the destination country. Some countries may require special permission or documentation to transport drones across borders. Before planning a trip with a drone to another country, it is recommended to check the rules and requirements for transporting drones.

If the transport of drones across the border is prohibited, it is necessary to comply with the law and not violate established rules. Using drones in countries where they are prohibited may result in administrative and criminal penalties.

How to register a drone in Europe?

Regulations for drone flights in Europe are regulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Under new legislation that came into force on December 31, 2020, all drones and drone pilots must meet certain requirements.

When flying, the drone must be registered and the pilot must obtain a drone operator certificate. Drone owners are required to register with the national aviation authority of the country in which they reside or operate. Registration must be completed for both drones equipped with cameras for filming and those that are not equipped with cameras.

To register a drone, you will need to provide information about the drone model, its weight, series number and other required data. After registration, the owner is given a registration number, which must be printed on the drone.

Drone pilots must undergo training and obtain an operator certificate. Each country sets its own rules and requirements for obtaining a drone operator certificate.

Rules for flying drones in Europe

You must also follow the basic rules for flying drones, which include:

  • Drone flights are prohibited over crowded areas, critical infrastructure and airfields.
  • Drones must be visible to the operator during flight.
  • Drone flights over certain areas may be prohibited or restricted, so you should always check local regulations.
  • Drone flights at night are generally prohibited unless special conditions are in place to allow them.

Compliance with these rules is important for flight safety and incident prevention. Therefore, you should always check local laws and regulations before flying to avoid violations and fines.

Where can you fly a drone in 2024?

In 2024, flying drones will become an even more popular and affordable form of entertainment. Different countries around the world will have different rules and restrictions on the use of drones. Below we have compiled the rules for using drones in the following countries:

  1. Europe: Many countries in Europe have strict regulations regarding the use of drones. For example, in Germany, flying drones weighing more than 250 grams requires registration and a license. In France, there are bans on flying near airports and the inadmissibility of violating the privacy of other citizens.
  2. Turkey: Turkey also has regulations regarding the use of drones. For example, flying drones weighing more than 500 grams requires registration with local authorities and obtaining appropriate permits. It is also important to consider flight bans near military installations.
  3. UAE: In the United Arab Emirates, drones are popular for use in various fields, but there are also strict rules and restrictions. For example, special permission is required to fly at night, and it is also important to respect flight bans near airports.
  4. China: This is the home of many drone manufacturers, but there are also regulations and restrictions on their use. Flying in China requires drone registration with local authorities and compliance with flight bans near government agencies.
  5. Maldives: The exotic Maldives also has drone regulations. For example, to fly a drone, you must obtain permission from local authorities and observe bans on flying over crowds and residential areas.

Before traveling to any of these countries, it is important to familiarize yourself with local rules and restrictions on the use of drones to avoid unpleasant situations and violations of the law.

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