How to organize negotiations in the airport VIP lounge

June 23, 2024


Business tourism is gaining momentum every year. Entrepreneurs willingly travel to other countries to discuss details of cooperation with partners and gain authority in the new market. But those who value their time use every minute business trips with benefits. To do this, they decide to negotiate at the airport. The VIP room is ideal for business communication outside the office. We tell you what rules the organization of business negotiations is subject to and why it is worth including it in business trips of employees .

How to get to the airport business lounge?

Superior lounges are open to passengers with priority service. When checking in, airlines give them tickets to the VIP lounge. Well, if you don’t have such a pass, but organizing business trips involves negotiations, meetings and work with documents, you can purchase this service separately from the administrator.

What benefits do negotiations in the VIP room have for business?

Every entrepreneur knows what is included in business meetings. Costs for all stages of business negotiations sometimes exceed the acceptable budget. You must set aside money for round-trip tickets, accommodation reservations, visas, and local transportation. But meetings at the air port save not only money, but also time. You just need to buy two tickets, arrive at your destination and quickly complete your business negotiations .

In addition, airports always have large parking lots, which means there will be no problems with parking spaces. But for those who do not own personal transport, there is always the opportunity to take car sharing. In addition, in terms of functionality and the presence of a stable Internet connection, airports are almost as good as modern conference venues, but you will also benefit from food without loss of quality.

Airport business lounge

How is a VIP room different from a regular one?

When you are drawing up a plan for business negotiations, the choice of location plays one of the determining roles. It is the location that often determines how the meeting will go and what results both sides will get.

Is it worth choosing a VIP room for negotiations? We recommend at least trying this option the next time you organize business trips for employees will become relevant. In the VIP room you receive:

  • stable and high-speed wi-fi;
  • comfortable places to relax;
  • wide selection of food and drinks;
  • TV with multilingual broadcasts;
  • free points for charging gadgets.  

But in ordinary waiting areas one can only dream of these advantages. In addition, the ethics of business negotiations imply a mutual desire to communicate, high-quality preparation of arguments and the right choice of place. Meeting at the airport will allow you to quickly establish contact with your partner and resolve issues in an informal setting.

Today, the range of services of travel agents includes not only booking vacations, but also organizing corporate business trips . With this approach, your employees’ business trips will become much more efficient, and you will be completely focused on presenting your project in a favorable light!

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