Discovering an African paradise: an exciting holiday in Tanzania

July 03, 2024


Ancient lakes, highest mountains, rare animals, sunny beaches and fabulous islands - Tanzania offers tourists a variety of advantages. This African country is suitable for lovers of both relaxing and extreme holidays. Choose a tour to Tanzania from a tour operator - and a completely new world will open up before you, full of vivid impressions and emotions.

How to get to Tanzania?

Tanzania is located in East Africa and borders on three sides with other countries, and on the fourth it is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. The most convenient way to get into the country is by plane. There are three international airports in Tanzania that accept flights from almost all countries of the world.

Julius Nyerere Airport is the largest in the country. It is located in Dar es Salaam, the de facto capital. If you have arrived to conquer the highest mountain in Africa, then choose Kilimanjaro Airport. And for lovers of paradise islands, Zanzibar airport is suitable.

Visa to Tanzania

Citizens of Belarus can obtain a visa to Tanzania directly at the airport after landing. It costs $50 and allows you to stay in the country for 90 days. For documents, you must present a passport, fill out a migration card and a special form. You will also have to show your return tickets and prove that you have money to stay in the country ($4 per day per person).

Best season to travel to Tanzania

You can relax here all year round - it is always warm and sunny. The country has two rainy seasons - from March to May and from September to November. If humidity worries you, choose a time from June to the end of September.

Currency of Tanzania

The official currency of the country is the Tanzanian shilling. You can exchange money at banks.

Tanzanian cuisine

Tanzanian cuisine combines African, Arab and English traditions, but most hotels and restaurants serve options familiar to Europeans. Please note that you will not be able to try the meat of exotic animals - its extraction is illegal. The inhabitants' diet consists of goat meat, poultry, grains and bananas. In the west, near lakes, fish are actively consumed.

It is worth trying the local version of bread - chapati flatbreads, charcoal-grilled meat nyaama choma, a version of pilau - pilau, porridge made from ugali corn flour, kuchumbari vegetable salad, sweet maaandazi buns and fruit salads.

Sights of Tanzania


It is in Tanzania that the highest mountain in Africa is located - Kilimanjaro. You can reach 5895 meters above sea level along several routes at once. The ascent and descent will take about 7 days. And those who love water landscapes will enjoy the vicinity of the largest lakes on the continent: Victoria in the north, Tanganyika in the west (in terms of water purity it is close to Lake Baikal) and Nyasa in the south.

Safari in Tanzania

But the main natural wealth of the country is its diverse flora and fauna. Tour operators in Tanzania offer wild animal watching during safari. The most famous places for this are Serengeti National Park (this is where the Great Antelope Migration begins), Ngorongoro Nature Reserve (an ancient crater with its own ecosystem), Tarangire National Park (huge population of elephants), Lake Manyara National Park (rich in birds).


Separately, it is worth highlighting the archipelago, located 40 kilometers from the mainland. The largest island is Zanzibar. Relax on the luxurious beaches, enjoy the warm waters of the ocean, and then go explore the fun. This is the apartment-museum of Freddie Mercury (the island is the musician’s birthplace), and the ancient Stone Town with unique architecture, and the Jozani forest, full of unique species of animals and plants, and a spice farm. Contact Zanzibar tour operators to enjoy the fabulous archipelago.

Beaches of Tanzania

The best beaches are in Zanzibar. The most well-groomed and picturesque are Nungwi and Kenda, and for entertainment and active recreation, go to Paje. On the mainland of Tanzania, choose Kigamboni beach - spacious and with good infrastructure, or almost wild Ushongo.

The easiest way to have the perfect holiday is to purchase a tour to Zanzibar from a tour operator or choose an option on the Tanzania mainland. Entrust the search and booking of hotels , as well as the responsibility of buying plane tickets , to the professionals from the Travel Code team so that your vacation goes perfectly.

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