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A secular country, safe and hospitable. Tourism here is just beginning to develop, which means that the traveler has the opportunity to see a completely non-tourist and original

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On the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as throughout the Transcaucasus, the formation of human civilization was underway. These lands were part of the mighty Scythian kingdom, the ancient eastern kingdom of Media, and the Arab Caliphate. The main flowering occurred in the Middle Ages - during the reign of the Shirvanshahs. It was during this period that the active Islamization of the population took place and the modern capital, Baku, was built. The real prosperity of Azerbaijan began with industrial oil production in the 19th century. The first mentions of “black gold” in this territory date back to the Middle Ages - Arab scientists wrote about it, and Europeans learned about it from the notes of the famous traveler Marco Polo, in which he also mentioned the top attraction of today: the fiery mountain Yanardag, where the natural the gas rushes to the surface, ignites spontaneously and creates a bizarre natural phenomenon. Today Azerbaijan is a completely secular country, safe and hospitable. Tourism here is just beginning to develop, which means that the traveler has the opportunity to see a completely non-tourist, original Azerbaijan. At the same time, in recent years, Baku has been thoroughly restored, and good quality hotels have appeared here. Since 2017, one of the stages of the Formula 1 race has been held in Baku.

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It is difficult to count all the advantages of traveling to Azerbaijan, but the fact that one of them is convenient transport accessibility is undeniable. The most convenient and fastest (and in the case of Azerbaijan, also quite inexpensive) way is by plane.


The nature and climate of Azerbaijan are considered unique. The fact is that on the territory of this small republic you can find as many as 9 climatic zones, from the mountain climate of the tundra to semi-deserts, the belt of alpine meadows, steppes and humid subtropics. A real climatic trip around the world! Most of the country has a semi-desert and dry steppe climate with moderate winters and dry, hot summers. It is influenced by both its geographical location, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, and mountainous terrain. Azerbaijan is characterized by strong winds, especially in autumn, and hot, dry summers. When planning a trip to Azerbaijan, take into account the climate in the country at one time or another of the year.

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Azerbaijan has a rich history and culture that can interest any researcher. Here you can find many museums, galleries and architectural monuments that will allow you to learn more about the past and p...

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