What is the difference between business class and economy class: comparison of the cabin and services on the plane

June 18, 2024


Any journey begins with searching for air tickets . Are you going on vacation or organizing business trips? - You can’t do without transport. Most carriers offer different ticket options according to comfort level, from the simplest to the most convenient - economy, business and first. We will tell you how business class differs from economy class.

Main differences


You will feel the advantage of one class over another already at the airport. People who have purchased economy seats wait in the lobby for their flight and check in in one big line. And for business class passengers the conditions are more convenient.

They spend time before departure in separate waiting rooms. There is food and drink, comfortable seating, toilets and showers. Boarding also takes place in a separate mode out of turn. And they leave the plane earlier than people from economy class.

Business class cabin on an airplane

It's worth taking a look at what business class looks like on an airplane to immediately notice the huge difference. The seats in the economy are small - 46 cm wide, and the legs need to fit 80 cm. The neighboring chairs are back to back and there is almost no free space.

Economy class cabin

In business, the chairs are wider - up to 90 cm, the legroom is about a meter, and the distance between the rows can reach 2 meters. Some airplanes have partitions between seats. The chairs can also be conveniently lowered or folded out like a bed. And at the seats, passengers will find cosmetic bags with hygiene and care products and comfortable slippers.


For those who purchased business class airline tickets offer a more varied menu, often with alcohol. The food is served earlier than others and in beautiful dishes. Economy passengers have a very limited choice of dishes, and disposable tableware is used for serving.


Economy ticket holders can take one carry-on bag and one checked bag on board. In business class the number of items is doubled.

Baggage in economy class

Return Policy

When returning standard economy tickets, airlines only pay a small part of the cost - about 30%. And in business there are more flexible conditions for changing dates or returning.

Which is better: first class or business?

If you want to book flights in the process of organizing a business trip and don’t know which class to choose, then start from your budget. Business class is better than economy, and first class is better than business. But they also differ in cost by 2 - 4 times.

First class is only available on transcontinental flights longer than 8 hours - and this is the highest level of luxury available on an airplane. In all other cases, business is the most convenient option. A flight in this class will be as comfortable and easy as possible.

​Emirates Airlines plane

Which plane has the best business class?

It is difficult to list all the most expensive business class aircraft, but this list definitely includes models from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna and Dassault. They produce both aircraft with different sections and special business jets.

And the companies with the best business classes are Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways and Cathay Pacific. They offer their passengers the most complete and varied list of amenities.

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