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Sea cruises in Europe: the trip of your dreams!

July 07, 2024


I wish I could swim in the sea, stay at an all-inclusive hotel and see several cities and countries at the same time. Do you think this is unrealistic? So you haven't gone on a sea cruise yet. This vacation option is gaining popularity among travelers and even helps improve knowledge of history and geography.

Add cruises around Europe to your plans for the near future and open up a new type of tourism. We have collected all the information on how to organize a cruise trip in the text below.

What month are cruises cheapest?

It all depends on the direction of travel. The climate differs significantly in different parts of the world, which means that the optimal season in each region is unique. Think about where you want to go and study the average temperature by month.

What does this look like in practice? Let's look at the example of Asia. For cruises to this part of the world, the lowest prices are observed in June and July. Just be prepared for high temperatures and constant downpours. However, for trips in the more comfortable period from November to March you will have to pay much more and fight for free space with other tourists.

What is low season for cruises?

Low season comes immediately after the peak of popularity subsides and the chances of booking cheap cruises increase. In addition, at this time you receive several bonuses at once. The first and most important of them is saving money, which can be spent profitably on souvenirs or your next trip. But the minimum number of travelers around will definitely appeal to you, regardless of the chosen destination.

If you are going on a cruise in Europe or the Mediterranean, the low season here lasts from March to April and from September to December. The best months to explore the Caribbean islands are in April and October. But if you dream of seeing the UAE without going broke, booking cruises right after the New Year would be a good option.

What's the cheapest way to go on a cruise?

It’s possible to save on sea travel if you know a few important nuances in advance.

We advise you not to buy a cruise tour on the first unknown site. Instead, compare offers from different tour operators and choose the option that suits your goals, budget and needs.

Another life hack is early booking of cruises to Europe and other destinations. Just imagine that paying for your vacation a few months before departure will save up to 50% of your budget. In addition, the company will reward you with solid bonuses: excursions, additional meals and other incentives. The sooner you decide on the route and pay for the cruise, the more favorable conditions you guarantee for yourself during your long-awaited vacation.

Is food free on a cruise?

There is no need to pay extra for meals on a cruise. All meals are already included in the total cost of the tour. You typically receive breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as access to tea, coffee and other soft drinks.

But alcoholic drinks are not included in this offer. If you are planning to spend the evening in the company of sparkling or good beer, check whether the company's rules allow you to take them with you. The prices for alcoholic drinks on cruises are very high, and if you still can’t bring them on board, buy them in port stores.

How to buy cruise tickets?

Purchasing a cruise trip is quite simple. To get started, just go to a travel company or open the website of a cruise company, decide on the travel conditions and countries. Next, tour operator specialists or an automatic system will help you start searching for cruises and select the option that best matches your specific request.

All that’s left to do is pay for the trip and prepare for the long-awaited vacation. We recommend that you clarify which cabin you will get, because the comfort and quality of sleep on the cruise depends on this. The earlier you book your cruise, the more choices you have. But if you sign up for a cruise at the last minute, the price may be better, but it’s more difficult to count on a decent cabin.

Where is the best place to book a cruise?

You can buy a tour on the cruise company's website. Remember that all information on foreign platforms is published in English, and you should forget about discounts and assistance in obtaining a visa.

A more convenient option is to book cruises around Europe with Travel Code. You don’t need to waste time creating your own routes, searching for tickets and hotels. In addition, this way you save not only time, but also money. If you have any questions, specialists will advise you on any nuance. Just select a part of the world, budget and travel period, and our team will select a suitable cruise tour with a rich program for you!

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