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How to save money on a business trip: building an itinerary

Mar 17, 2024


Business trips often require long hours on the road. There are various ways to get from one city to another. Planes, trains, buses - each mode of transport has its pros and cons. A business trip is planned to a place that is not easy to reach, it is worth thinking through and optimizing the route. 

Direct flights are the most expensive, and often simply do not fit the time. If you combine options from regular airlines with low-cost carriers, you can save a significant part of the budget.

Also, don't forget about different modes of transportation. Airplane is one of the most expensive. However, in many European countries, other options are excellent. The cheapest are buses, they run frequently and it is almost always easy to buy a ticket for them. Trains are also great for business travel. 

But in the case of connecting several modes of transportation, you need to take into account all possible problems. A change of station or class of the purchased ticket, as well as a change in the zone in which a visa is required - all this significantly affects the plans of the employee.

However, if a complex itinerary with a combination of different modes of transport is competently drawn up, the business trip will go quickly and easily, and the organization will be able to save a significant amount of money. If you need a support in business trip organizing - take our b2b service of corporate travel management to cover all the risks related on the business travel.

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