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Canada is home to ski resorts, tours to teach English and French, and remarkable national parks. The capital with dignity is Ottawa, colorful Quebec and Vancouver framed by mountains, maples and hockey

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A bit about the country


The country is famous for hockey, maple syrup, and the rugged beauty of its untouched nature. There are more than 40 nature reserves and national parks on its territory. Ski resorts in Canada, with their excellent quality and very diverse slopes, are usually chosen by those tourists who have already visited many European countries and now want to combine unusual skiing with an interesting “excursion”.

To travel to Canada you need a visa. From the nearest cities for obtaining a visa, Warsaw or Moscow.
Canadian dollar (CAD)
Canada has 6 time zones, so time varies from city to city.

How to get there

Aeroflot flies four times a week from Moscow to Toronto (approximately 10 hours flight time). Many European airlines - KLM, British Airways, Finnair, LOT, Air France, Alitalia, CSA, Lufthansa, Austrian and others - fly to different cities in Canada with transfers in European countries. Often these options are the cheapest.


Most of Canada has a temperate climate, quite mild, in the north it is subarctic. Average January temperatures range from −35 °C in the north of the country to +4 °C in the south of the Pacific coast. July - from +21 °C in the south and from −4 to +4 °C on the islands of the Canadian Arctic archipelago.

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