What is the best time to fly for business travel?

Mar 17, 2024


Any trip should be carefully planned, no matter whether it is a tourist or business trip. After all, travel time, transfers and many other things affect your well-being directly. If you are too tired, business trips may not be as fruitful as you would like.

Try to choose such a time, so that after the road was an opportunity to rest and get in order. By the way, HappyOrNot experts found out that the middle of the week is the best time for traveling (83.7%), and Sunday is the worst (79.9%).

Consider also the distance from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to your meeting place. Determine in advance how you will get there: cab, bus or other means of transportation. Pay special attention to the traffic situation: whether there will be traffic jams during your travel.

It is important that you book or buy tickets in advance. Consider a backup in case the flight is canceled or other unforeseen circumstances arise. It's always easier to give up on a ticket than it is to look for an emergency.


What's our advice?

  • Check in for your flight online as soon as check-in opens (if possible). Always read the rules and be attentive to them.
  • Don't forget to charge all your gadgets before the flight.
  • If there will be a bus ride to the plane, it is better to enter it among the last to get off first.
  • Buy and book tickets in advance.
  • Keep the contacts of the partners with whom you are going to meet. They will be especially useful if a force majeure occurs.

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