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Travel to Mexico: what to see and try?

Dec 06, 2023

What interesting things does bright and mysterious Mexico hold? Travelers and adventure lovers will never be bored here. Let's get to know this country a little closer and find out what unusual things can be seen here. After all, this country is much more interesting than just the birthplace of tequila.

Interesting facts about Mexico

  • All beaches are public.
  • The largest bullring in the world is located in Mexico, in Mexico City (Plaza Mexico). There are about 225 of them in this country. But the largest accommodates approximately 41,262 people.
  • The tricycle is popular in Mexican villages. True, it has two wheels in the front and one in the back.
  • Chihuahua dogs are named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Attractions worth visiting

The Pyramid of Kukulcan, Chichen Itza , is located in the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. The city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And they named the pyramid in honor of the main deity of the Mayan Indians - Kukulkan. The pyramid is amazing in its scale. Walking here, the atmosphere will take your breath away.
If you're lucky, you might see iguanas. They can climb to the very top to bask in the sun. It should be borne in mind that the Kukulcan Pyramid is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Mexico, and many tourists come here. Therefore, it is better to arrive early to enjoy the place in peace.
Cenotes on the Yucatan Peninsula . A natural lime well that is filled with underground water. Also located in Chichen Itza. Previously, the cenote served for sacrifices to the Rain God. And now this is one of the favorite places for divers to dive. Since the depth is about 50 meters.
Copper Canyon, northwestern Chihuahua . Copper Canyon National Park is made up of individually interconnected canyons and gorges that were formed over millions of years by six rivers. But this is not the only thing that will surprise you: there are giant cacti and waterfalls here.
Underwater Sculpture Museum, Cancun . One of the most unusual underwater museums, also one of the most expensive. The average ticket price is $100-145. The Underwater World of Human Figures is the largest operating museum underwater. About 400 modern facilities are divided into three parts. Those who do not know how to dive can lower an underwater camera from a boat, but, of course, this is not the same at all.
Xcaret Park, Playa del Carmen . It is the most famous national park in Mexico. Here you can get acquainted with ancient monuments, beaches, butterflies, a turtle farm, and a jaguar reserve. You can also take a trip along the underground river. Every day there are many entertainment and educational programs for tourists.

National cuisine

For lovers of spicy food, it will not be a problem to get used to Mexican cuisine. Corn is also a big favorite among them. Flatbreads, tubes, and envelopes are baked from it. Some Mexicans may eat insects and larvae.
As for the dishes, let's take a look at some of them.
  • Tacos . This is a flatbread made from wheat or corn flour, to which a variety of fillings are added: from minced meat with vegetables to cactus pulp.
  • Burrito . Various fillings are also added to the wrapped flatbread. Burritos are served with sour cream, salads and salsa.
  • Guacamole . It's a healthy mixture of pureed avocado, onion, chilli (optional), tomatoes and some seasonings like sea salt and coriander. Guacamole has a tangy taste and goes well with a variety of dishes. For example, tacos, fajitas, burritos.
  • Fajitas . Marinated grilled steak, cut into pieces. If desired, add vegetables, often sweet peppers. You take the flatbread yourself and wrap it however you like.
  • Nachos . These are tortilla chips made with cream cheese and jalapenos. The filling can be beans, guacamole, or meat.

Interesting holidays:

Carnival of Veracruz . It is the second most important carnival in Latin America after the popular holiday in Brazil. And is considered the best carnival in Mexico. Lasts about six days. It includes two parades, a fireworks show, a party and a grand coronation show.
The day of the Dead . This is the most famous festival in Mexico. This day is dedicated to those who have already passed on. People prepare dishes and gifts for the deceased. UNESCO included this holiday in the list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”. Will take place November 1-2, 2023.
Saint Cecilia's Day . She is considered the patroness of mariachis (musicians who perform folk music). About 500 musicians usually perform at this festival. How can you stand still? I want to start dancing.

Best resorts:

Cancun . The most popular resort in Mexico on the Caribbean Sea. Snow-white beaches, warm clear water, ruins from the buildings of the Mayan Indians, which amaze with their beauty and size. It is easy to reach as there is an airport nearby.
Tulum . Why is he popular? With the best hotels in Mexico and the best preserved ruins of the Mayan civilization. Diving here is one of the most favorite pastimes of vacationers.
Los Cabos . Prices here will be 20-30% higher than in Cancun. And in a year there are approximately no more than eight rainy days. In addition to diving, here you can go on a jeep safari through the desert, whale watching, and play golf.
Puerto Vallarta . It is considered one of the most expensive tourist centers in Mexico. Luxurious hotels, cottages and villas have been built here for the richest and most famous people around the world. Here you can practice yachting, surfing and more.

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