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Mar 17, 2024


Traveling the world is always exciting and interesting, but to ensure your long-awaited trip unfolds as planned, it's essential to meticulously plan every detail and be prepared for the most unexpected scenarios. Planning an international vacation independently can be a real challenge. One of the most effective ways to prepare is to equip yourself with a real team of travel assistants, specifically modern and useful apps for avid travelers. With their help, you'll be ready for the realization of the most unexpected ideas and the frustrating hiccups that may arise during your global travels. Travel apps will assist you in planning and constructing a cost-effective and speedy itinerary, booking accommodations, flights, and excursions, finding the best restaurant in the area, selecting the liveliest nightclubs, and offering many other useful options to truly make your travel experiences inspiring.

Having studied reviews from experienced travelers online, we've compiled a list of the top 10 apps for modern travel enthusiasts. We recommend downloading them before embarking on your journey to ensure full readiness for adventures around the world.

1) Jerelo

Jerelo for iOS

Jerelo for Android

Jerelo (iOS, Android) Jerelo App is your reliable travel assistant in the world of modern journeys. This travel app is designed to help you create and bring to life your dream trip. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it offers an extensive range of features:

  • Flight Search and Booking: Jerelo allows travelers to choose from over 6,000 airlines and 180,000+ destinations. The app for booking and purchasing flights features convenient search and result filtering. You can compare prices, check schedules, and book tickets with a single click.
  • Hotel Search and Booking: Jerelo collaborates with leading hotel chains and independent accommodation options, offering a wide selection of 2,500,000+ choices for any budget. You can browse photos, read reviews from real guests, and book and pay for rooms in real-time. Jerelo has become a full-fledged alternative to Booking and Airbnb online-platforms without any restrictions on payment with local bank cards.
  • Transfer, Full Package Tours, and Excursion Booking:Jerelo serves as a travel agent on your smartphone, allowing you to plan and pay for your route online or consult a live manager. The app operates according to your preferences.

Download and explore all the benefits of TravelHub now: your best trips are closer than you can imagine.Download and explore all the benefits of Jerelo now: your best trips are closer than you can imagine.

2) Uber

Uber for iOS

Uber for Android

Uber (iOS, Android) – arguably the most well-known taxi booking application, widely used across the globe. It is a reliable and user-friendly app that operates consistently in any city you find yourself in. Linking to your account's map ensures seamless navigation even in unfamiliar places. Travel confidently with Uber's high-quality service.

3) WiFi Map

WiFi Map for iOS

WiFi Map for Android

WiFi Map (iOS, Android) – a true gem for travel enthusiasts who love exploring the world. This app is an interactive map designed to easily locate free Wi-Fi hotspots in any city on the planet. The app's database boasts over 100 million Wi-Fi hotspot locations, continuously updated with new additions. You can effortlessly find free Wi-Fi in a city by its name or address. Download the app and stay connected anywhere in the world.

4) XE Currency

XE Currency for iOS

XE Currency for Android

XE Currency (iOS, Android) is one of the most sought-after apps for travelers, providing real-time currency exchange rates in various countries worldwide. It helps avoid misunderstandings and deception in a new country, facilitating easy currency conver sion and budget calculation for your journey.

5) Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio for iOS

Rome2Rio for Android

Rome2Rio (iOS, Android) is your reliable guide for planning future travels. It is an online service that charts optimal routes and provides various transportation options between any two points in the world. With Rome2Rio, you can easily find optimal routes, including buses, trains, planes, and other modes of transportation.



MAPS.ME for Android

MAPS.ME (iOS, Android) is an offline map application for global travels. The program provides access to city and country maps even without the internet connection, which can be particularly important and convenient during travels. Highly detailed maps of cities and countries are compiled here, featuring marked hotels, shops, restaurants, necessary infrastructure, and landmarks.

7) izi.TRAVEL

izi.TRAVEL for iOS

izi.TRAVEL для Android

izi.TRAVEL (iOS, Android) is a world-traveler's personal guide! With city and museum audio guides, it has become a real hit among active travelers. izi.TRAVEL helps you explore attractions in selected cities on your own, bypassing the need for a tour guide and avoiding concerns about searching, additional expenses, and language barriers. This travel app provides access to over 1,000 audio guides in 25 world languages, covering the most sought-after routes in the most famous cities worldwide.

8) TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor for iOS

TripAdvisor for Android

TripAdvisor (iOS, Android) is a travel app showcasing real traveler reviews of attractions, hotels, and restaurants worldwide. These reviews from actual users provide millions of travelers with the opportunity to choose the best restaurants, clubs, establishments, and hotels according to their preferences, saving time on searches and making informed decisions.

9) Parkopedia

Parkopedia for iOS

Parkopedia (iOS). Prefer traveling in your own or rented car? With 50,000,000+ parking spaces in 90 countries worldwide, the Parkopedia app helps quickly find the perfect parking spot. Daily updates to the database ensure current information, and convenient filters based on price, location, and other parameters make the process of finding and choosing parking exceptionally convenient.

10) Yuggler

Yuggler for iOS

The Yuggler app is a true gift for travelers with children. It is a useful program for planning family vacations. Yuggler provides information about playgrounds, attractions, cafes, theaters, amusement parks, museums, and other interesting places designed for young city guests. Convenient filters allow you to consider the age, interests, and activity levels of children, making family travel easy and unforgettable. Available for iOS.

We hope this TOP 10 list of apps, based on real reviews that we thoroughly examined for your convenience, will make your journey as comfortable and memorable as possible. Most of them are available on both iOS and Android devices.


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