The safest airlines in the world

Mar 17, 2024


There is nothing more important than safety when flying. Floating above the clouds at a height of ten kilometers, you want to be sure that the aircraft will safely reach its harbor. In the publication we are looking for the answer: which airlines are the safest to use, and how have these airlines around the world earned their excellent reputation? And in this article we talked about the most environmentally friendly airports and airlines .

What is the safety assessment based on?

Every year, ranks the safest airlines in the world. The audit covers 385 carriers, each of which is assessed on the following factors:

  • Have there been any major plane crashes in the last five years?
  • Have there been any other serious incidents in the previous two years?
  • How successfully the airline passed the inspection by aviation regulators.
  • Aircraft fleet age.
  • Pilot training and professionalism.
  • Compliance with COVID protocols.

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In 2024, the top security ranking is as follows:

1.Air New Zealand

This airline is on the list of the best every year: last year it came second, in 2022 it topped the ranking, and in 2021 it came in third. Stability is a sign of mastery.

Experts note the highest level of training of New Zealand pilots and the company’s technology. So this year Air New Zealand is the safest airline


Another regular at the top of safety ratings is the Australian Qantas. Some experts give him the laurels of the safest without any alternative. Because no Qantas plane has ever crashed. And this is for 70 years!

3.Virgin Australia

As you can see, the top three is also closed by a representative of the green continent. The airline started out as a low-cost carrier. This has not prevented compliance with strict standards: since 2020, Virgin Australia has always been in the top ten.

4. Etihad

Middle Eastern airlines are famous for their high level of service and special conditions for business travelers. Therefore, their appearance on the list of the safest is not at all surprising. And this list opens with Etihad from the UAE. In 2023, he was in the top three in the world.

5. Qatar Airways

One of the most accessible “Arab” companies for the average tourist has lost several places in the ranking in recent years. In 2021, Qatar Airways was in second place, and in 2023 - in fourth.

6. Emirates

Where would we be without the most famous carrier from the United Arab Emirates. In the World's Top 100 Airlines competition , where experts and passengers evaluate service, punctuality, safety and convenience, Emirates came in fourth place.

7. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

Airlines from the Land of the Rising Sun are true to the true Japanese character. Unapologetically strict and demanding of the crew’s competencies and emphasized care for passengers.

The result is obvious: constant inclusion in the airline ratings. And ANA hasn’t had a major accident since 1971.

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