Stress-Free Business Travel Checklist

Mar 17, 2024


Traveling for business can be a highly rewarding experience, but it can also be quite stressful. Even if you have the Jerelo for booking flights, hotels, and transfers, conducting business in an unfamiliar country can be overwhelming. That's why we've created this comprehensive list of unconventional business travel hacks, revealing local secrets to help you ensure a productive and stress-free trip.

Insider Hacks for Stress-Free Business Travel

Book early.

Flights, hotels, and transportation can become significantly more expensive closer to your travel dates. Aim to book at least a month in advance, especially if traveling during peak and festive season. Moreover, it became more comfortable with booking all you need by one click in our Jerelo App!

Research your destination.

Before traveling, research your destination's customs, currency exchange rates, and transportation options to avoid unexpected surprises.

Don't underestimate the local climate.

Research weather patterns beyond temperature. Is it humid, windy, or prone to sudden downpours? May be you need umbrella instead of your sunscreen fluid. Pack accordingly, and don't be afraid to embrace the local attire. For example, swap your bulky suit for a breathable kurta in India, or wear a pashmina in chilly Dubai evenings.

Embrace the time lag.

Instead of fighting jet lag, utilize it! Wake up early and catch the sunrise over the city, or use the evening quiet time for focused work. Remember, your business partners might be on a different schedule, so adjust your communication accordingly.

Avoid cultural faux pas.

Do some research on local customs and etiquette. Learn basic greetings, be mindful of personal space, and understand appropriate attire for religious sites or cultural events. A simple gesture like bowing in Japan or removing shoes when entering a home can show respect and avoid unintentional offense.

Build rapport beyond the conference room.

Schedule informal meetings or social gatherings with your business partners. This allows you to connect on a personal level, build trust, and gain valuable insights into their culture and business practices.

Embrace the art of negotiation.

Research the local business customs and etiquette surrounding negotiation. Research typical pricing structures and be prepared to offer compromises or alternative solutions. A flexible and respectful approach can lead to mutually beneficial agreements.

Be mindful of time zones.

Schedule meetings carefully considering time differences. Avoid early morning or late-night calls that could disrupt your sleep schedule or theirs. Utilize online scheduling tools and confirm meeting times in both time zones.

Always carry a backup plan.

Expect the unexpected. Have alternative transportation options in case of unexpected delays or cancellations. Keep essential documents and contact information readily available. Adaptability and a positive attitude can go a long way in overcoming unforeseen challenges. And, don't forget, you can rely on our Jerelo App for iOS and Android for any changes to your business trip plans. It's a reliable and sustainable tool that you can use whenever you need it!

By venturing beyond the conventional, you'll unlock the secrets that transform your business trip from routine to remarkable. Embrace local customs, explore hidden gems, and build genuine connections. Remember, the most rewarding experiences often lie beyond the expected.

Now go out there and conquer your business trip with confidence and a sense of adventure!

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