Sea cruises on luxury liners

May 07, 2024


If famous resorts and ancient attractions no longer impress you, but you want to spend time in an atmosphere of luxury, try a new type of vacation - premium cruises. They intertwine freedom and abundance, sophistication of furnishings and picturesque panoramas.

We are talking not just about comfortable yachts, but about traveling on small and the most modern models of ships with all possible amenities. Thus, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection from Marriott has already set sail, and the debut of Orient Express Silenseas from Accor and Four Seasons Yachts is scheduled for 2026. This luxury cruise has several advantages.

Unique route

Traveling on a yacht of this level involves a picturesque route through the most interesting corners of Europe. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection and Four Seasons Yachts are betting on the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. The islands of Saint Barth, Nevis, Barbados, Martinique, Curacao are part of the first sailing program from Four Seasons in January 2026. And in March, their premium ship will sail off the coast of Europe: Croatia, Montenegro , Italy , Portugal , Spain and Turkey .


These yachts belong to a new generation of cruise ships - they are smaller than the latest ones, but larger than conventional yachts. Thanks to increased maneuverability, the new ships can visit hundreds of places that giant ships cannot reach, from coral reefs to tiny tropical islands.

Stylish design

Yachts of the “new generation” are distinguished by a unique design, made with the latest technology and at the same time maintaining the nobility and luxury of the environment. Orient Express Silenseas offers 54 suites of 70 square meters and a Presidential Suite of 1,415 square meters, two swimming pools, two restaurants and a bar. Four Seasons Yachts is not far behind. For passengers, 95 guest cabins were prepared, created together with the Swedish company Tillberg Design, and a 20-meter pool with sea water. The 14-deck luxury vessel itself is inspired by Aristotle Onassis's iconic yacht Christina O.

Minimum passengers

The journey takes place in a pleasant environment thanks to the limited number of passengers. If a cruise ship can accommodate up to 6 thousand tourists, then premium ships gather only a few dozen people on board. There is enough free space on the ship’s territory so that you don’t feel in a crowd and spend time in solitude if you want.

A cruise on a premium ocean liner will definitely awaken your curiosity about the world around you and help you take a fresh look at famous corners of the Earth.

Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and comfort as you explore the vast expanses of the ocean on luxury liners. Contact the Travel Code tour operator to organize your trip.


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