Review of the Work and Travel program for students

July 01, 2024


The Work and Travel program for students is a great way to see the United States, gain valuable work experience and earn money. With its help, for more than 60 years, young people have been flying to another continent legally and safely. Various parts of the world participate in Work and Travel: Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Africa.

What is included in the Work and Travel USA program?

Students have the opportunity to fly to the United States during the summer holidays to work for two months in seasonal vacancies and devote another month to travel. The most popular offers: lifeguard, waiter, cook's assistant, maid, amusement ride operator, national park employee, supermarket cashier (salary from $1500 to $2500 per month).

Work and Travel: conditions

To fly to the USA, you need to meet strict requirements.

What categories of people can qualify for the Work and Travel program?

It is only available to full-time students at an accredited institution. The course also matters - graduates, undergraduates and graduate students are not allowed. But the evening uniform is suitable, but you must come to classes 5 days or 20 hours a week.

Is it possible to participate in the Work and Travel program without student status?

Definitely not. The program is designed for students only.

Is Work and Travel suitable for adults?

The program provides for an age limit for participants - from 18 to 28 years.

Is knowledge of English important?

Yes, another condition for participation is proficiency in English at a conversational level.

What do I need to do to be selected for the Work and Travel program?

  1. Find an agency that cooperates with American companies that employ foreign students under the Work and Travel program. They are called sponsors.
  2. Pass an interview at the agency, where they will test your level of English language proficiency and tell you about the conditions of the program.
  3. If both parties agree, enter into an agreement.
  4. Pass an interview with an American sponsor.
  5. Select a suitable vacancy and send a job offer to the sponsor for review. He will make sure that the company offering the job is legal and all the conditions are realistic.
  6. Prepare the necessary documents. The most important ones are the visa application form and the program participant certificate (DS-2019 form).
  7. Go through an interview for a J1 visa at the US Consulate.
  8. Book your flights and pack your suitcase!
  9. Get instructions from the agency and find out all the contact information.

How much is required to participate in the Work and Travel program?

Agency services for registration in the Work and Travel program will cost from $1,200 if the student himself finds a suitable vacancy, and up to $1,600 if specialists are involved in employment. Budget another $500 for round trip flights. This is exactly the price of air tickets to the USA from Europe.

What are the financial requirements to participate in the Work and Travel program?

Bank accounts are not checked, but in addition to paying for the agency and the flight to the USA, you need to have about $1000 with you to cover expenses until your first paycheck.

Legal stay in the USA, gaining new work experience, immersion in the language environment, interesting acquaintances, the opportunity to see many interesting places and earn money - all this is available with the Work and Travel program. And if you don’t meet its criteria, the Travel Code team will help you organize your dream trip to the USA. Leave the search for tickets and hotel selection to the professionals!

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