Organization of business trips outsourced

Apr 12, 2024


Do you often travel for work and meet with partners outside of online meeting apps? We understand that such situations have long ceased to be rare. At the same time, for a quality and comfortable stay in an unfamiliar location, it is important to take into account all the nuances: book transport tickets, find a good hotel and plan your movements around the city. What to do if there is not enough time for everything? Outsource the organization of the trip. Thanks to this solution, you will focus on business tasks, and business tourism services will be handled by professionals. We share the advantages of this method below.

Saving time and money

If you approach organizing business trips superficially, you will not only spend a lot of time on it, but also lose a significant part of your budget. To cope with this task yourself, you need to collect all business tours in one place, automate their control and create a complete picture of expenses for each stage.

But if you contact the business travel service , he will take on these issues and help you find partners to conclude corporate agreements at a favorable price. At the same time, you can save money and not overpay for business travel. In addition, the company aims to reduce the cost of business trips through special offers. And at the end of the day, your assets will show up to -40% savings without loss of quality.

Benefits of business travel

For many workers, business trips are a real stress, especially if they plan to travel to another country. Changing cultures, languages, and time zones often have a negative impact on employee productivity. But if you have to cope with unforeseen situations, the main purpose of the trip automatically fades into the background.

An experienced contractor can easily cope with lost luggage, lack of internet, and even flight rescheduling or cancellation. A long stay in economy class will not be an obstacle. Remember that in order to agree on all the details, you need to discuss them in advance and indicate them when booking a business trip in a system that will allow you to do everything quickly and clearly.

The automated service knows in advance your first and last name, status in the organization, bonuses and individual wishes, as well as discounts and the purpose of the trip. What can the employee do? Just enter a detailed route and choose one of the proposed options.

Attention to detail

In most cases, before going on a business trip, employees only think about buying tickets and booking accommodation. However, this is not enough to cover all the details early on. When collaborating with an outsourced business travel organizer, he will draw up a separate program, which should contain the following items:

  • procedure for registering a business trip and providing reports (purchase of documents, reimbursement of expenses and provision of supporting documents);
  • transport services (travel and flight times, classes and fares, terms and bonuses, luggage availability);
  • hotels (number of stars, additional services, location of rooms);
  • rental of transport (booking procedure, model and make, availability of insurance);
  • taxi (possibility of using these services);
  • public transport (schemes and schedules, ticket prices);
  • personal transport (payment for fuel and travel on toll roads);
  • nutrition (recommendations and cost);
  • communication services (payment, tariffs and costs).

Trust our team and our innovative approach to organize your next business trip. Travel Code is your reliable partner in the world of corporate travel.



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