How to organize a business trip for a top manager of a company and not get fired

May 09, 2024


Organizing executive business trips can be a real test of strength even for the most experienced secretary. Top managers of companies have strict standards for business travel. Everything needs to be planned and prepared at a high level in order to establish yourself as a good specialist.

Collection of information

Organizing business trips is impossible without collecting information. You need to find out the date and time of the events, their location and composition of participants, as well as the manager’s details (document numbers, visa availability). In addition, at the same stage you should prepare the necessary papers for the event: advertising brochures, contracts, certificates.

Organizational matters

If you need to obtain visas, collect all the necessary documents and send them to the embassy. Next, you should start looking for suitable air or train tickets. Choose the most comfortable and shortest path so that the manager does not have time to get tired. If your budget allows, book business class. And don't forget about transfer from the airport to the hotel!

Also choose a hotel with a convenient location close to the event venue with excellent reviews and a high standard of service. Book everything as early as possible, because good options are sold out first.


The next important step in organizing corporate travel is preparing a business trip order. Sign it from the manager and register it. Do not forget to issue a travel certificate or other internal documents confirming the specialist’s arrival at the site.


In order for the trip to be successful, it is important to draw up a clear and detailed plan of events, which specifies the time and place of the meeting, as well as contact persons. There should also be information on logistics - how and where you can get there, where the driver or taxi will wait.

During a business trip

It is important to provide information support to the manager during a business trip. At any moment, something can go wrong: your ticket or hotel reservation won’t be confirmed, your car won’t arrive, or your meetings will be rescheduled. It is much easier to deal with all the difficulties for an employee who is in the office in touch with other event participants and has access to all the information than for a person who finds himself in the thick of things.

After a business trip

After a top manager returns from a business trip, it is important to process all materials brought from the event - advertising offers, contracts, partner contacts, and also prepare a report on the business trip. Only after this will the specialist’s work be completed, and the manager will be satisfied.

Do not risk your career when organizing a business trip for a top manager of a company. Contact a reliable Travel Code tour operator for a safe and successful trip, maintaining your working reputation and avoiding trouble.

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