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How is Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico?

Dec 06, 2023

Every year, from mid-autumn in Mexico, preparations begin for one of the largest and brightest holidays in the country - Day of the Dead (Spanish: El Día de Muertos).
The tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead is rooted in the pagan beliefs of the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica - the Aztecs and Mayans. On November 1, Mexico celebrates the Day of the Angels, in honor of deceased children, and November 2 is the Day of the Dead, during which the adult generation is remembered.
For the entire period of celebration, altars are built in houses - “ofrendas” with the things of the deceased that were dear to them during their lifetime. Basic elements: photographs of the dead, cross, flowers, candles, bread, sugar skulls, garlands, water, incense, alcohol.

There are also many visitors to cemeteries. They decorate the graves with golden marigolds and ribbons, bring gifts, place candles and incense everywhere. Another important attribute of the modern Day of the Dead celebration is “Calavera Catrina”. Mexican women paint their faces like a tattooed skull and decorate their heads with flowers.
In addition to Mexico, Day of the Dead is also celebrated in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. However, everyone celebrates this holiday in their own way. More information about the holiday, as well as Day of the Dead events, can be found here .

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