Guide to Mauritius Island

May 12, 2024


The island of Mauritius is one of the most amazing places on the planet. It combines unique flora and fauna, a clear ocean with colorful underwater inhabitants, colonial heritage and modern service.

When to go?

The island has a tropical climate. From November to April the weather is hot and humid - about +30 °C during the day. From May to October it is cooler - about 24 °C during the day. But the water temperature never drops below +23 °C.

Keep in mind that Mauritius is hit by cyclones from the Indian Ocean in February and March. At this time, the wind speed reaches 220 km/h, and heavy rains rage.

Popular resorts

On the northern coast of Mauritius, the largest and most developed resort is Grand Bay. It has everything you need for an active holiday: cafes, shopping centers, nightclubs and even a casino. A room in the modern LUX* Grand Baie (there is even a rooftop restaurant with a swimming pool!) costs $560.

On the west coast, the most popular is Flic en Flac. It is famous for its long and well-maintained beaches. It is convenient to sunbathe and dive here. You need to pay a minimum of $490 per night at Sugar Beach Mauritius.

The only resort on the south coast is Bel Ombre. Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort offers a spa center, a golf course, and restaurants with live music. Room rates start at $430.

And for those who love privacy and comfort, Post Lafayette on the east coast is the place to be. It's quiet and peaceful here. The best service will be provided by Radisson Blu Poste Lafayette Resort & Spa - from $230 per night.

It is recommended to stay in one of the cozy resort hotels in Mauritius to enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean and relax in privacy and comfort:

What's unusual about the island?

Until the 16th century, Mauritius was untouched, so it developed its own unique ecosystem. However, over several hundred years, people destroyed many local species of animals, birds and plants. Now the most unusual places in Mauritius are protected by law. Thus, in the Black River Gorges National Park, relict pink pigeons, Mauritian kestrel, and Mauritian necklace parrots have been preserved. And on the Krugly Island Nature Reserve you can find rare reptiles: Telfer’s skink, Gunter’s geckos and Schlegel’s Mascarene boas.

Sights of the island of Mauritius

In addition to the already mentioned national parks, there are many other interesting places on the island. If you are looking for something to see in Mauritius with children, then go to the towns of Curpipe (botanical garden, Royal College, town hall) and Maheburg. In the latter, be sure to visit the Chateau Robillard castle and the confectionery factory.

Adults will also enjoy the Victoria 1840 Museum, housed in an old sugar factory, and the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. They recreated the setting of a former colonial estate and demonstrate the complex process of making rum. Tasting is required!

And don't forget to explore the nature of the island. Admire the seven-step Tamaren Falls (274 meters high), walk through extinct volcanic craters, or climb mountain peaks for magnificent views.

Another unique highlight is the Mauritius underwater waterfall. This unusual optical illusion is located a couple of hundred meters from the Le Morne-Brabant peninsula. Here, underwater currents and bottom topography create the appearance of a deep cliff under water. To enjoy this natural wonder, book a helicopter tour.

What to bring from Mauritius?

Guests of the island are offered bright clothes with local prints, magnets and figurines with the symbol of the country - the Dodo bird, and ship models. Among the edibles, it is worth taking with you cane sugar, vanilla, Mauritian tea and, of course, rum.

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