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Destination management company: role in the travel world and benefits of cooperation

Dec 06, 2023

Do you dream of organizing a bright and large-scale event, but don’t know where to start, how to manage everything and invest in the budget? Entrust this matter to Destination management company (DMC). These companies have long gained fame as one of the most serious players in the travel market. We tell you what DMC agencies are, what are the advantages of working with them and how to find a reliable company for cooperation.

What is DMC?

DMC is a destination management and management company. Agree, it sounds complicated and unclear. Let's explain it more simply.

DMC is a hosting company that takes care of the complete organization of an event in a specific location. Clients turn to specialists with a specific idea, and in the end receive a turnkey implementation of their request. This could be a corporate meeting, business meeting, product presentation, team building, training, conference or any other idea. The company will provide full support at every stage of the project.

This is more than just a travel company. DMC services are aimed at organizing travel, meetings and entertainment at a specific time and place. As a rule, the DMC work format combines the functions of several companies at once, which would need to be contacted separately when organizing an event independently. DMC will be a real salvation for those who have planned an event in an unfamiliar region. This means that you do not need to look for suitable venues responsible for transport or food, because DMC with extensive experience will do everything for you.

What services do companies provide?

As soon as DMC receives an order to organize an event, employees and managers immediately draw up an action plan from start to finish. Remember that in the end the company delivers a turnkey organized event? Basically, the work of DMC consists of these services:
  • accommodation services;
  • transport services;
  • transfers of event participants;
  • catering and food services;
  • searching for a suitable venue for events;
  • services for promoting commercial events;
  • technical equipment;
  • entertainment;
  • excursions;
  • sea and river cruises, yachting;
  • order tickets.

How do DMCs differ from ordinary travel companies?

At first glance, it may seem that DMC and travel companies are practically the same thing. This is just a first impression, which is often deceiving. Remember the differences between the two players in the world of travel.

DMC and travel agencies often collaborate and create high-quality, well-thought-out products for the travel market. Yes, travel companies can sell everything from day excursions to full-fledged holidays in a popular country during the tourist season. Please note that their work does not include creating a turnkey tour.

As a rule, travel agencies turn to partners who book transport tickets, find accommodation, provide guide services or organize rafting, cruises, and thematic tours. Very often, DMCs are such partners. This close interaction allows travelers around the world to choose exclusive offers, get new experiences and fulfill their needs from A to Z.

What are the advantages of working with them?

We tell you why you should contact DMC to organize your next trip. Remember the main advantages of such work.

Knowledge of local culture and regional characteristics

No one knows the culture of a region better than the company that operates there and takes into account the smallest details of every request. They often offer clients places and activities that cannot be found on Google or a travel guide. DMCs are responsible not only for the technical design of the event, but also for the impressions and emotions that guests receive.

Only local organizations know the best time for each project. Their staff will tell you the best time of year for hiking and trips to the vineyards, sea cruises and team building in nature. Even if the season has passed, and it is impossible to wait a few more months, the company will offer an excellent alternative.

By the way, often events organized by DMC benefit not only customers, but also the location. The influx of tourists and posters are another opportunity to advertise the region and receive significant income to the local budget.

DMC will help you choose the best province or city for your request. They know the secrets and hidden gems of each area and are confident that they can offer clients the perfect option.

Saving time and money

Who among us does not dream of creating a bright and memorable event with minimal financial and time costs? Would you believe it if we say that DMC will help you achieve this result?

During their work, many companies already cooperate with certain partners and know who to turn to for the best accommodation, transport or catering. Customers do not need to search for them on their own, devote several hours a day to reading reviews on the Internet and choose the appropriate option. DMC workers will do everything in the best possible way. You just need to describe the requirements and request in detail, and the company will undertake its implementation.

By the way, how do you feel about discounts? Reception operators very often offer additional discounts for organizing events due to the volume of orders and knowledge of the market. DMC employees will not allow your budget to go beyond the established limits, even when you suddenly want to end the day with fireworks or a multi-tiered cake from a famous pastry chef.

DMC has its finger on the pulse of every detail and guides the event from start to finish.

Quick response to problems

Company managers seriously care about their reputation in the market. That is why they not only offer the best options for housing, transportation and entertainment, but also solve problems quickly. Employees regulate all issues, negotiate and are responsible for ensuring that the wishes and financial capabilities of the customer coincide.

Creativity and innovation in organizing events

DMC is ready to support any idea of the customer. This is an example of working with the famous individual approach. Perhaps you have long dreamed of corporate team building in French lavender fields or a conference in the cozy Scottish highlands. Looking for options for tours or travel, but no company offers anything like it. DMC will tell you about all the possible options to make the event even more interesting and memorable, taking into account the local flavor.

Full travel coordination

There is no need to worry about how guests will get to their destination or whether there are enough rooms reserved for them. The DMC is responsible even for these tasks from the organization's plan. For a company, this is a simple and ordinary task that they can complete in the shortest possible time.

Remember that, if necessary, DMC is ready to organize a meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel, booking accommodation and transport.

Knowledge of the best local attractions, excursions and activities

The main feature and advantage of DMC is 100% “locality”. Every locality necessarily has events and places on the “must do” and “must visit” lists. A local company will tell you what you can't miss. This could include guided tours, small group activities such as workshops and meetings, and even happy hour at local establishments (a period of time when bars, cafes, and restaurants give visitors big discounts on menu items).

How to choose a suitable company for cooperation?

Finding a reliable and responsible company that will not let the client down and will satisfy all requests can be difficult. This can be especially difficult for those who are experiencing this experience for the first time. When looking for a DMC to organize an important and long-awaited event, we recommend focusing on these criteria:
  • time on the market;
  • breadth and variety of services;
  • company goals and values;
  • customer reviews and cases;
  • location and regional specialization of the company;
  • DMC owners.

There are companies in the South and North American markets that are ready to take on the full organization of any event at the client’s request. We advise you to go to the websites of Savannah Destination Management , Destination America , PAM Travel , Banff DMC , Rare Indigo to clarify all the details of possible cooperation.

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